With our end of year best of D&B starting to take formation, we thought it time to have a chat with these 2 pioneers of our scene. About their latest LP and one of the best of 2015…


Sure neither of you need an Introduction, but if you would be so kind as to tell us about yourselves?

We are Ed Rush and Optical from Virus Recordings. We have both been making music and DJ’ing since the early 90’s and we love and produce Drum & Bass music.


Upon first hearing Long Stay, myself like many others were waiting for this LP to drop. Now it’s here it’s been well worth the wait. When did you first start to think, its time we put out another LP?

We wanted to wait until we were really happy with all the tracks and as we have a very hectic schedule with performing and family life, it has taken quite a while to get to the right point to release the LP. Now we both feel proud of the songs and it really represents a lot of the styles we love in DnB.


Where does this LP rank with some of your previous releases?

Every record is different, they represent different times in your life and the journey you are on musically so we always try to just capture the ideas we have in the best way we can and I think for this record we have fully done that, hopefully others will feel the same way.


Having listened to your “No Cure” LP a few times now, I love the Techstep vibe to the tracks. Something you guy’s pioneered. Was that intentional? (The reasoning behind that is the rise of Neuro and most producers opting for that kinda style)

I think generally speaking we wanted to try and go back to our original methods of working whilst bringing that process right up to date production-wise, stylistically we wanted it be back to the earlier Virus vibes as it’s been a while since we worked that way. We used a lot of sampled bass and drum hits, some modern, some from our early sample recordings and worked on getting them polished up a bit for the modern world without losing their vibe too much hopefully.


I have previously stated that there are no bad tracks in this LP, but there are several which are really good. ( in my review) It’s one of the LP’s of 2015. With that said, which tracks are the one’s you most pleased with or enjoy the most?

It’s hard to be objective after just finishing work on the record but it was great to work with Rymetyme again on ‘Long-Stay’ and ‘No Cure’ and I think as far as having fun with making a song then ‘Falling Down Stairs’ was a crazy day in the studio where we decided to turn off all the timing on our comp and just randomly place drum hits until we got something that worked somehow…it felt like falling down stairs after a few too many!


Like myself you hail from the original era of D&B and it’s formative years. It’s amazed me how D&B is still flourishing.Not just that, but how much the scene has changed for both good and bad. I for one used to rock a ponytail and a MA2 haha. What significant things have you noticed, either good or bad?

DnB is in a good place these days with so many strong labels and producers and events…its great to see it always moving forward and being a positive scene to be involved in. Musically it never fails to stay fresh and progressive over time as there is so much talent amongst the artists in DnB.


You both have other projects, but I hope we can expect more from Ed Rush & Optical going forward?

We will always make music together no matter what else we do as something special always happens when we get in a studio and get vibing.


I was lucky enough to attend the 15 years of Virus night at Cable, any luck we may have another night in the future?

That was an incredible night!! Hopefully yes in 2016. We only do events when we know we will have the perfect line-up and venue and that is tricky to put together when everyone in the scene is so busy but we have plans in the pipe-line for something special in the near future.


Finally, is there anything you wish to add?

2016 will be another big year on the label with LP’s from Gridlok and Optical’s 20th Year Anniversary Compilation (featuring 20 classic and unreleased new/old tracks) and more new music from Ed Rush & Optical.


Don’t forget to get their album if you haven’t already. It’s in my top picks for best Album in 2015 and quite likely a lot of others as well!!