I recently got the Convergence EP from Wintermute and had a chat with him about it…


Firstly introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Flo/Wintermute, hailing from Leipzig, Germany. I’ve been putting out music on the likes of Blackout, Dutty Audio, C4C or Trust In Music (now defunct) over the last few years and I am also working as a sounddesigner/composer with focus on video games.


I am currently listening to the Convergence EP, which is on Boundless Beatz. Can you tell us about the Label and the EP?

I got to know audite, one of the heads behind Boundless Beatz, shortly after I moved to Leipzig back in 2007 or 2008. He stumbled upon my music on Myspace and introduced me to the local dnb scene. After that we stayed in contact and worked together on various projects & parties. Earlier this year, audite asked me, if I would like to contribute a few tracks to their newly founded label and I agreed. We dug through a bunch of my drafts, selected a few, that could work in an EP context and I got to work.


I am fan of your harder styles of Drum & Bass, such as the Collaborations with Neonlight. With that said, this EP has some excellent Deeper tracks and some forward thinking, almost experimental tracks. Is that important to you, to push things forward?

Over the years, I have always been oscillating between harder and deeper styles – so it is not like those are mutually exclusive for me. It has always been more about shaping up a certain soundscape or trying to evoke a particular emotion, rather than having just a heavy drop (although that helps sometimes 😉 ). So yeah, I definitly like the addition of weird little bits and grooves, as long as they serve a purpose.


My favourite track off the EP is the high energy Shattering Crystals. What is your favourite and why?

My favorite is probably “Euler’s Disc” with Cues. It was one of those tunes, that came together quite quickly over the course of three days (which is rather rare).

We kinda started off with a typical DNB tune, but after tweaking around for a bit, we decided to strip it down and create more of an halfstep groove. In the end, simplicity is often key – and that’s also what I like about the tune.

The name “Euler’s Disc” is an analogy to the repetitive and energetic groove. If you don’t know the disc – check the video(below) It spins and spins – it almost has an hypnotic effect and that is also pretty much what the track feels like.


Leipzig has some great D&B producers out there were already aware of such as Neonlight. Any rising stars, producers or labels we should be aware of?

Yeah, there is quite a bunch of talented people around here. As one of the bigger names, expecially if you are more into the leftfield and experimental side of drum and bass, there is “Alphacut”. Then there is the newly founded “Defrostatica”, which focuses more on footwork and juke influenced bass music.

On the producer side, I can recommend to check out “Wright & Bastard”, “LXC”, “kjubi”, “Epidemic” and “Cues” – just to name a few.


2015 is coming to close, what do you planned for the rest of this year and 2016? Future dates, releases or remixes etc?

Currently I am finishing a remix for Blackout with Neonlight – guess more information on that will surface soon. Apart from that I am hoping to at least finish another single and a bunch of collaborations until the end of the year.


Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

Just a big thank you to all the supporters over the last few years – fans & musicians alike.


Don’t forget to check out his EP here: