Shane & Troy aka Consouls gave us an insight into their top ten Vocal D&B tracks. Be sure to check out their Premable EP as well:


Shane’s Top 5 Vocal Drum & Bass Tracks:

Fred V and Grafix- Here With You

This tune ranks so highly because of how naturally it parallels emotion and energy. Truly a favorite!

Ekko and Sidetrack- Alone Without You

A newer song we’ve been rinsing by the duo, keep a watch on these guys!

Break and Riya- I Don’t Need

Break’s signature flavor aligned so deeply with Riya’s soulful talents are an unstoppable culmination. Those lyrics seal the deal!

London Elektricity- Just One Second

No explanation needed. A timeless classic.

Chase and Status Feat Jenna G- in love

This song will never age. A consistent returner into our playlists for home listening and performing!


Troy’s Top 5 Vocal Drum & Bass Tracks:

Etherwood – Souvenirs (feat. Zara Kershaw)

This will continue to be one of my all time favorite vocal tracks for many years to come!

Riya – Still Remains (ft. Hybrid Minds)

Lyrical content and melody of the vocal blend together flawlessly.

NCT – You

An emotional vocal that matches the melodic emotion of the piano!

Etherwood – Revive (feat. Logistics & Eva Lazarus)

The vibe the vocal brings to this tune is absolutely perfect.

Dirtyphonics Ft. Tali – The Secret

A classic I will never stop listening to!


So here is their Peamble EP to check out:

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