Have some ridiculous new material sent this month including Ed Rush & Opticals No Cure LP. So lets get involved…


Instinkt – Muffin/Nimrod [Abducted records]

Big thanks to Kaiza for always giving me the dubs nice and early. These 2 are very different from the normal Instinkt flavours. I don’t hide the fact I really don’t like modern Jungle sounds, so its lovely to be picking these 2 badboys!! Jungle flavours on both, with a Neuro styling. Muffin has a lovely repetitive Bass line and sample. The track for me though is Nimrod. When the Bass drops on this, I was instantly loving it. So fat and heavy!!!! These are crossover tunes for sure, excellent for many sets. When the Tech sounds come in on Nimrod, just makes it all that better.


Psyek – Metan City EP [Dutty Audio]

The links to the EP are not yet up, a couple of the tracks can be found in this mix which Psyek kindly did for us at Nu:sounds. The EP has standard 4 tracks, but thats where the standard gets left behind. If you managed to read the interview, you will know I love the Raw D&B sound. This EP captures that perfectly. If you haven’t read the interview, get to it! Chop chop haha. Rorschach has some mad Viking horn sounding intro into a lovely Electro Tech drop, laced with plenty of breaks. Metan City is a Techy roller. Silk Road another personal is a hard hitting old school Tech track, really love this tune. The best track, myself & Psyek agree is the wonderfully named Peanut Butter Solution. It’s got that rawness in abundance. It’s a breakfest this tune. Check out this EP, really good stuff.


Klone/Skynet – Peace of Mind Sampler [Mindtech]

This being a sampler, I am really looking forward to the actually LP. Both Klone and Skynet deliver on this track. Both create old school vibes on their Techy tracks. Big fan of that proper Tech sound from the late 90’s. Think like futuristic car chase scenes. These tracks have that vibe in abundance. Skynet and Klone back producing and I for one am very happy about this. Disorder by Skynet, has that distinct Skynet sound and that firing energy. Oblivion by Klone back from a 10 year Hiatus, you wouldn’t know from hearing this track which is a big tune for me right now. I love these type tracks, plenty of energy and drive in them. Hope there is more to come. Mindtech snagging some fire here!!!


Basement Jaxx – Buffalo (Dub Phizix remix) [Atlantic Jaxx]

When Dub Phizix does a remix, you know about it. This one is out 23rd October and it’s going to be a big one. Lyrical intro and you will be all saying two piece catfish soon enough haha I swear it says that!! Sample loop and heavy drop into the tune. High production as ever, Bass line and beats crafted perfectly with the loop. A seriously infectious skanking track. The mid point Bass changes are just fat!!!! Check it out. Big tune.


Karma– The Searching/Dance [Shogun Audio]

Shogun carrying on their recent selections of great tracks. This time we have Karma coming with a excellent Deeper Tech roll out and a fire track. The searching with vocals from Emmy J Mac is a vibe Techy roller. Her vocals used to great effect. Zero cheese here. The rolling Bassline is plenty on its own but the added Techy sounds create this beautiful roller. Now to the flip. Dance is an out and out fire track. Menacing intro, building into the hard hitting banger that it is. It’s great to get a couple of tracks, very different but both very good. Dance builds as it progresses and Karma is one to keep your ears open for!!!


Misanthrop – Collapse EP [RAM]

Ram getting another hard as producer on the books. This time its the German bad man Misanthrop. I got this EP and immediately checked it out, big fan of his Industrial sounding D&B. 4 tracks on this EP. Each with that Industrial sounding Drum and Bass. Still retaining the funk and vibes though. Each track is great, you know your getting excellent production, heavy hitting beats and forward thinking takes on the Music we love. The title track is the big room banger. Heavy kick intro into the mechanical sounding beats and Neuro bass. Big tune. Attack is a more upbeat track, still mechanised in its sounds. Fragment has a twisted intro, reminds me of a Christmas song made on acid haha. This again, has a melodic Neuro style, added claps and is just great fun with its insanity!!! Lastly my favourite Rotor. It’s funky, futuristic. I love the percussion, the Neuro stabs and when it drops. The vibe. It’s lively Neuro number this. Can’t help but smile hearing it. My perfect kind of upfliting track without the hint of Cheddar. Great stuff.


Mortem/ Mortem & Harland – Proximity/The same [Absys records]

Really been feeling the deeper rollers of late. These guys out of Poland have been producing really good tracks. Abyss records have a great release on their list now with this. Two deeper tracks, but so much vibe to them. The same see’s Mortem and Harland combine to produce the heavier of the 2 tracks. This is a more Techy roll out. Deep, Dark and full of smokey room vibes.  Proximity has a deeper rolling sound, great use of the samples, the warm Bass add’s a much needed lift to the track. Keeping is simple but very effective. Later with that added Tech sound which I love in a rolling deep style. Great track and the better of the two for me. Abyss one to check going forward.


The Prototypes – Hypercube [Viper]

From the Deep into the 4th dimension with Hypercube!!! This is a big track that has been doing some damage for a while now. Eagerly awaited and it has that distinct Prototypes sound to a huge banger. That Sci-fi intro, a sample from god knows where and the lush synths. Dropping into a high energy  peak time banger! Check the track out, you probably heard it and didn’t even know its this.


Chris.SU  – Vital Moments EP [Fate]

Been a while since I had some Chris.Su. Now I recall what I am missing. The Fate label released some of his best work. Makes sense it being his own. This EP showcases the styles for me which are his best work. A uplifting track, a hideously big banger and more fire. Vital Elements has a Instramental and the original. This features Kryptomedic lacing it with his bars. Nice intro vibes, incomes Kryptomedic to add his lyrics, some heavy beats and off we go. I mid heavy banger, not quite the bludgeoning you get from The Universe. Antiserum an excellent tune in its own right, lively Neuro and plenty of snap to the beats. Leaving The Universe, F.A.T.E part 2. So you know its dropping like a drunk kid banging out 3 grams of Ket in one go! Innocuous intro, drawing you in for the ear beating your about to take. I love these tracks when Chris drops pure filth. It’s a dance floor destroyer. Great EP, Great label.


Ed Rush & Optical – No Cure LP [Virus]

There are some releases that you want, no more like need. From the moment I first heard Long Stay out, I wanted this LP. It’s been a long time coming, but its well worth the wait. I have been pretty disappointed with some of the Tech and Neuro doing the rounds at the moment. All sounding a little too alike. This LP has 12 tracks. I do not dislike any. Far from it, I love most of them. I compiled a list for my latest mix and included 7 tracks that I wanted to play. Ended up with 5 in the final mix haha. That was with me trying to not show favouritism and failing massively. This is one of the LP’s of the year, possibly my pick of 2015. Proper Tech is back. Tunes like Host, just fucking pure Techy vibes for the purist. Love it. Insurgent 2015 with its heavy hitting sounds. Falling down stairs, one of my favourite easily. Not forgetting Long Stay. Angry birds is just vibes through out, Tech at its most vibrant. The turnover with its Hip Hop styles and Half-Truth again just lovely stuff. All round high energy, proper Tech like we used to hear. I love this Album. Think you might as well, if you love your Tech. Which lets face it, we all do. Welcome back lads. Love it! There are few links for the tracks but here is one: