I recently received a promo from Dutty Audio for Psyek’s Metan City EP, the links are not up but luckily we have a mix with the tracks!!! I really loved the raw D&B it contained so I contacted him asap and this what he had to say…


Introduce yourself to our readers, who you are and what you do.

Hi Dan. My name is Jan and I’m from the Czech Republic. During the day I’m a sous chef at a local restaurant (the good kind, free range organic stuff, everything fresh and all that hipster BS .)) At night, I produce Drum & Bass and sometimes slower stuff under alias BTRFLFKT. Make sure to check my album, which is free to download right here. I also host irregular radio shows for Origin UK, own a Drum & Bass label, like to make origami and the list goes on and on… English is not my first language and I lived in Manchester for about 5 years and that obviously didn’t help either innit? .) So please be tolerant 🙂


Your EP forthcoming on Dutty Audio is excellent, as soon as I heard it I wanted to interview you. It’s really captured that raw Techy sound that’s been missing in recent years. Was that something you aimed for?

Thank you. Someone actually liking what I do really compensates for those sleepless nights after fourteen hour shifts 🙂 When I started to visit local dnb parties around the year 2000, it was only about raw and techy sound so I guess it just stuck with me. I had my fair share on that neurofunk wave, but I soon realized I’m not that much into chopped midrange basses and high pitched snares. So basically Metan City EP is the kind of music that I‘ve always wanted to make and actually managed to get it out of my head. The fact that it sounds a bit dirty is not on purpose though. Couple of years and lost relationships back I’ve realized that I’m not gonna be the next Kemal and stopped spending all my money on gear. In fact apart from the usual stuff like burnt audio interfaces I haven’t bought a new piece of software/hardware for like 5 years. I also only have analogue synthesizers, thus the unpolished sound I guess.


For me and other people, there is a want for a resurgence of that raw D&B sound. Without being too critical some producers want everything clinically perfect but can miss that rawness. What are your views on this? (I have Rorschach playing as I do this, love the beats)

I can’t say I disagree. Drum & Bass is becoming the next “EDM” and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of established producers are jumping the bandwagon because after all those years they actually want to get paid. And kids don’t want to dance to some moody experimental half tempo, because their drugs wouldn’t work as advertised 🙂 So you have to give them what they want and that is a crystal clear sound with loads of build-ups. But as with EDM – Techno didn’t vanish to nowhere, Drum & Bass as we knew it isn’t going anywhere either. You’ll just have to look for it somewhere else then Beatport top 100. And after 5 years when all this will be over and Country Music will be the next big thing, dnb will be back stronger than ever, purified from those who have betrayed it 😀 Lol I sound like a fucking preacher, but it’s not all that bad really. You have awesome producers like Scar, Cern, Jubei, Amoss, Ulteriour Motive and many others who are pushing that good old rawness. You just have to ignore the ballast.


Dutty Audio has long been a staple for my tastes, how did Vini get this great EP on to his label?

As it always happens, it was a long way full of sweat and tears 🙂 Two years ago Vini released me and my mates (Negone) track “One of Them” on his Aftershock series and since then I’ve been spamming him with new beats. He really liked “Silk Road” so I made another couple of tracks which he didn’t like that much. “Tears of Gaia” ended up on Deafmuted and “Respawn” on free compilation of my previously released tracks which you can get here. Then I sent “Rorschach” which was ok, but no ecstatic response.. I got the usual “good track, thanks, bye” 😀 So couple of months later I added “Peanut Butter Solution” and “Metan City” and although Vini said he is not into that off-beat stuff, he appreciates the concept and the EP as a whole. So we had a deal and I’m really happy about it because “Peanut Butter Solution” is for me personally my best tune ever. At least technically. And I’m proud it will be released on such an influential label.


You have kindly given us an exclusive mix thank you for that. What can we expect from that?

Well, because I’m a producer first and a DJ second, you can definitely expect some not so good mixing skills. Once you get passed that you’ĺl hear various tunes that I like at the moment, together with my own productions, one never heard before bootleg and unfinished tune with Qo, which I hope he’ll finish before I have grandchildren 🙂

Track List:
Equid – Black Wall | Future Funk
Gerra & Stone – Back Hand (DLR’s Dogbite Remix) | Dispatch
Psyek – Rorschach | Dutty Audio Dub
Cern – Tiamat VIP | Dispatch
Nickbee – Elysium | Shogun
Fre4knc – Rotor | Critical
Psyek – Atarax | Architecture
Scar – Skank Demon (feat. Visionobi) | Dispatch
Need For Mirrors – Neverless (feat.Steo) | Shogun
Afterlife & Rybizz – Time Lapse | Deafmuted Dub
Neve& Crimson & Axl – Street Price | Dutty Audio
Razcals – Nightfall | Deafmuted
Scar – Shadows | Metalheadz
Kendrick Lamar – Dying Of Thirst (Dnb Bootleg) | N/A
Break – The Flux | Symmetry
Local Heroes – Ucho (Psyek Remix) | Architecture
Need For Mirrors – Chariot | V Recordings
C.A.B.L.E. – Soundsystem | Dutty Audio
Hive – Repentance | Project 51
Zombie Cats – Bloodline | Dutty Audio Dub
Psyek – Peanut Butter Solution | Dutty Audio
Qo & Psyek – Unfinished track | N/A


I believe you have your own label? Tell us a little about it? 

Yeah I started it with Negone about 6 years ago so we can release our music whenever we like. It’s called Deafmuted Records and a lot of things have changed since its inception. Negone went to live a family life and left me with this bastard child. I decided to focus on all the talented dnb producers the Czech Republic can offer. Guys like A-Cray, Tom-Small, Madface and Computerartist started with Deafmuted, and now have releases on RAM, Dispatch, Eatbrain and Neodigital so it does make sense for me to have a label like that. Now I’m not even implying I’ve kick started anyone’s career, but sometimes even getting the recognition and selling a couple of tunes or even hearing your track in someone else’s mix can boost your confidence a bit and give you the strength to continue doing what you do even when your friends and family think that youŕe just a weirdo doing some nasty stuff in your bedroom 😀 The label has had a short break recently but is back now with the album from Misology which is more on the autonomic side and can barely be called DNB. But that’s what it is about for me, not being bound by genres and just put out what I like. The album is really good though, it’s called “Mikalka” and you should definitely search your favourite store for it.


Personally I hope to hear more sounds like the Metan City EP from you, what else can we expect from you going forward?

Right now I have another EP finished. It will be released on Deafmuted at the end of this year. It’s more experimental than “Metan City EP”, basically just a bunch of amen breaks thrown together with ugly baselines, similar to my recent release on Architecture with Local Heroes. There is also another track forthcoming on Depthblinded Ep part 5, alongside Local Heroes, Estewes and Afterlife (that one you can hear in the mix). Other than that I have loads of unfinished tracks and colabs and no spare time on my hands so their time will come next year.


Finally anything you want to add, thanks or hates haha

I would like to thank Vini/BTK for giving me space on his awesome label, you for doing this interview with me and thanks to all the djs who are playing my tunes and support Deafmuted 🙂 And of course my 649 fans on facebook!


Big shout to Jan for this and the mix. Really appreciate that.