One of my favourite producers Random Movement has decided to launch his own imprint called Flight Pattern and judging by the first promo I received the other day its going to be large! I caught up with the man himself to find out a bit more about the project…


Hi Mike, thanks for speaking to us today, you’ve just announced your own new label ‘Flight pattern’ what made you decide to launch it?

I’ve been pondering the formation of a label for a decade now, and a number of people have asked me over the years why I haven’t started one yet, and I always give two reasons: Lack of self-confidence/self-worth, and lack of startup funds. I’ve said to myself many times in the past that the point of a record label is to promote music from artists that deserves to be heard, and to get that music into the hands of the fans. I didn’t really feel like I was at a point in my career where my achievements would garner enough attention to the starting of a label, not to mention help artists involved get to the next level, so to speak. So much good music ends up in my inbox that never sees the light of day, and I just don’t get it. It’s time to make a difference and get more good music out there, and with all of the supportive emails, shares and mixes from both new and established dj’s, I feel like the planets have aligned and the momentum is there. It is time.


What’s the ethos behind the label?

Good music deserves to be heard by people who enjoy it, and good artists deserve to be recognized for their abilities. I want Flight Pattern to be a platform for up-and-coming artists as well as established talent to feature their skills as producers and get their music into the hands of the fans easily, as well as promote the artists further in their own careers.


Any plans for vinyl releases?

In short, yes. The first vinyl release will be out in mid November featuring tunes from Jaybee, Adrienne Richards and myself. Vinyl is no easy market these days. The issue at hand is that while vinyl as a medium has increased in popularity in recent days, it has unfortunately decreased in popularity commercially in the drum & bass genre. Aside from myself and a few others, I never see anyone using vinyl in their sets anymore, and I’ve noticed that whenever someone does play records its considered a big deal now, usually being advertised on the flier as such. Limited runs of the vinyl pressing for the audiophiles fans out there seems to be the most logical way to go with getting music in my favorite medium pressed and still be able to stay afloat profit-wise.


The first release features tracks from Flaco, Roygreen, Protone and Joakium, can you tell us a bit about that?

The first release is a multi-artist single, with Flaco’s “You Should Be Here” and RoyGreen, Protone & Joakuim’s “Valley Of The Stars”, both of which hit me right in the feels. From the promo copy:

“We kick off the first release for Flight Pattern Records with a sexy and emotional tune from the smooth-master Flaco, partnered with a late night drifter from the deep-end-trio known as RoyGreen, Protone & Joakuim. “You Should Be Here” features Flaco’s signature big-bottom bass, sultry vocals and hi melodic quips. “Valley Of The Stars” is a track for dreamers, with heavily reverberated piano melodies, harmonics, and a fx-drenched vox that echos from the back of your mind. Truly the perfect start to the Flight Pattern imprint, with many more to come!”

Coming out on Oct 5th!


Are you accepting demos? if so how can producers get in touch with their music and what do you look for when signing a track?

A big part of this label is going to be trying to put artists that are new to the music on the map, so I love to get and listen to brand new music for consideration. It’s probably best to send any demos/recordings to in the future, because right now my Facebook inbox and fanpages are being heavily bombarded by beats and bass on all sides! Keep it coming!


What are your plans for the label going forward?

Releases, releases, releases! It’s a simple plan: I want to put out great music, and pave a path for artists to get their fair shake. I want this label to become a jumping off point for great new musicians, a venue for them to spread their wings and do their thing, and hopefully get the notoriety they deserve. I want this imprint to stand for the kind of music that I love to hear, and I hope that all of you will feel the same way.


And as far as Random Movement material goes do you have anything else on the horizon?

I’m excited to say that my God Complex EP with Innerground is coming out in the middle of October, and I hope to be touring through Europe again closer to the end of the year to help push that as well as the first vinyl single for Flight Pattern. I’ve got a slew of remixes piling up to complete, as well as collaborations with my wife Adrienne Richards, Jaybee, Fats, T.R.A.C, Colette Warren, Syncopix, Utah Jazz, RoyGreen & Protone, Joakuim, and so many more that I’m having a hard time keeping track!