With another two solid releases in the pipeline I caught up with Seba for a quick Q&A…


Hi Seba, Thanks for speaking to us today. You have 2 tracks about to drop on Warm Communications could you tell us a bit about the tracks and how they came together?

I’ve already released 4 releases on Warm Communications, and have good contact with Heath who runs the label. Even though it’s a small label, I like to support it just the way the label choose to support my music.


And for your Secret Operations label you have another 2 tracks ‘Jungle music’ and ‘Cloudless’?

I do! I recently got the test presses, and they sound badass!! I hope to get the tracks out in late October or Early November. Soundclips can be found on the secret operations web page.


You’ve been writing and releasing drum and bass for quite a while now, how would you say your style has evolved in the time?

I go through phases. Someone recently wrote “back to liquid” on social media when they heard my new track “Sienna”. I can do uplifting, deep, dark, moody and a bunch of different styles in music. This is probably the reason why I can play an entire set with my own music without becoming boring. I get inspired when I listen a lot to a type of music and want to include that in my own music. You can tell that I’ve been in to techno recently, because my music has been very much techno shaped.


Do you still approach writing a track the same way?

I do. I’ve been using the same software for over 20 years and I use my old synthesizers when I can. I recently added a MASCHINE STUDIO to my setup. An interesting piece! I’m still learning how to include it in my productions.


Can you tell us what new drum and bass releases you are feeling right now?

I don’t really follow what’s going on in drum and bass. I get my dosage of new music when I go to a club and hear the new tracks being played. Sometimes I ask the DJ what it is. I’m more interested in finding new music to listen too. That gets me inspired to write music in my own genre.


Have you played out a lot this year? and if so what have been the highlights?

I’ve had a few good ones this year. I always end up doing some nice gigs in USA every summer. I played at Launch in London in April. That was such a good vibe!


Anywhere our readers can catch you in the mix coming up?

I’ll be doing a mix for Drum and Bass arena shortly.