It’s that time again, the best of what I have received since last Month. With Noisia & the Upbeats, The Voss & NC-17, Current Value & Prolix ( a lot of collabs!!!!) BassBrothers, Kritix and more…


Noisia & The Upbeats– Dead Limit EP [Vision recordings]

Starting off with one of the tracks of the year for sure, There is little I can say about this release that probably hasn’t already graced your screens, either via the scourge that is Social Media or from people like us. There are however 3 more tracks, so I will just say Dead Limit is FIRE. Inverse is a deeper sound, hypnotically repeating increasing in it’s sounds, a roller if you like of a Neuro/Tech style. The 2nd drop is great, picks the pace up nicely after the shift in Tempo at the Breakdown. Mouthbreather is that requisite Hard track, little funk in it, more Techy. Now Dead Limit was always the one, but for me Omnivore is another great tack worthy of acclaim in its own right. It’s making the vibe with such mechanical sounds, it’s hard yet retains the Funk. To give you context think Disrupted by Emperor & Mefjus. The best thing about this EP and something I hope is making a comeback, producers take note. The 2nd drop!!!!! If your making a banger, the 2nd drop is so much better when increased even just a bit. Each track has this, this makes for happy faces, albeit contorted!


The Voss & NC-17 – Show & Tell EP [New Playaz]

If you follow my Tweets or Listen to my mixes you will have seen me praise this prior. 5 Tracks on what is now one my favourite labels at the minute. Shout to Pascal doing a really good job with the releases. This has a purist track, a proper lovely roller, plus some bangers. Force Majeure is the track for the Headz, I love this track. Just got vibes in abundance. Johnny Redux (only now realising its nod to Johnny Jungle era tracks such as Flammable) has a distinct old school flavour, its a tearing old school influence darkstyle tune. Show tell has a over the top Motor Baseline, but aside from that, the rest of the track is quality. Bass switches to pounding Jungle vibes at 1.06. Sleaze with it’s apt name is that kinda gritty dare I say it, kinda Jump up crossbreed with Neuro. I like it. There is more of this style about and I am reviewing more later!! Best of the bunch, Melancholy. A joyous roller. Need I say more, its head noddingly good.


C.A.B.L.E – Soundsystem EP [Dutty Audio]

I love this EP, somehow I missed it on my playlist and I am sporting a little smirk now its playing. Shout to Vini and Cygnus ( I think) always getting them out nice an early so when I tell you guy’s its probably still fresh as its out Month end. The Title track, has a lot of influences and clearly the Soundsystem vibe is one. Couple that with bongo lead rolling bassline, we have a cross genre tune! Also a little Hardcore element to it, which anyone knowing me gets why I like it. Kick anyone?!!? Now the other part the EP is 2 remixes of Individual. Starting  with DJ Chap, Andrezz and L-Side’s remix. This is a D&B track plain and simple, it has the original elements but it’s got some added skank ti the Baseline. Now on to Maztek, we know how this plays out. Dark intro, retaining the sounds of the Original with that old school style. A hint of the Bass soon to come. I love what he did to this track, them old school stabs into the drop, the Bass on this is perfect, its a tune. It’s not overly hard, its a great remix. Yet more great stuff from Dutty.


Mob Tactics – Neon God/Return of the Snitch [Viper]

Luke and Mark having recently signed exclusively to Viper, give us this as taste of whats to come. As you would expect with Viper there is nod to the Dancefloor, Mob Tactics give us Neon God. An uplifting track, great set switcher think the Answer and you will know what kinda vibe. Now all that was just so I can talk about this little Beauty!! Return of the Snitch. See’s the lads doing what they do best, their take on Tech. It’s a tune, its got that Grotbags kinda dirt and its a personal for me. I look forward to everything these guys put out. The bass switches, keeps the funk and vibe, but the earthy grot we all love from the due. Send more!


Emery & Garo feat. Umiko / Simplification (remixes) [Ambra Recordings]

Now I hadn’t heard of this outfit out of Lithuania, but this is one of them little finds…treasure. We have 2 remixes, one by Lynx and the other by Random Movement. RM remixes Simplification – Love forever, takes the laid back track it was originally (yeah I had to listen!!) and add’s that lively bouncing style RM does so well. Lynx is on remix duties for Emery & Garo ft Umiko with Moon Love. I love the intro on this track. Steve always add’s a real polish to his remixes that just speaks quality. This is the same, its one of the most Musical intro’s I have heard and drop’s into this kinda 2 Step Garage vibe. Early morning ravers this one you!


Kritix – All of me EP [Mayan Audio]

Firstly shout to the Mayan Family, one year and had your 1st event and this EP. Good things guys. I know these guy’s from my time at Rough Tempo (ill-Haze them times)  and seeing this EP is exactly what I love about our Scene. It’s getting all involved the recognition they deserve. Standard 4 tracks, but that is all that is standard from this EP. I know it’s easy to be force fed Music today, take the time to check this release and the Label, they are going places. It has a rounded set of tunes, from the well named Into the Deep, which you guessed is the deeper D&B sound haha. A personal of mine is Pogo, its got that Electro influence, its bouncy and has a Rockwell style, lots of layers to the production. Moving on to the title track with Jenny Jones, the vocals are great and the rolling liquid bass. Then in drops the Techy B line. The mid point Piano with the their version of the Think break is bliss to my old Hardcore ears. If thats not enough you know whats in store now, yeah more fire than the Whole of Croydon after the Riots haha (hope its long enough past now, if not complaints are directed at Nultiply) We are here was the first track I heard I think, it stuck out as I love those heavy tracks. Intro with Trancesque sounds, dropping to “Where are you???, Here” This is a banger, the percussion is excellent and I love this track. A top quality EP, from both a Rising label in Mayan and the lads that make up Kritix.


VA – Molecular Music EP [Bad Taste]

7 tracks in this featuring the likes of Aggressor Bunx, Current Value, Gydra & Mailky, Hypoxia & Doctrine, The Kuter, Mean Teeth and Trilo. Some you will recognise and others you may not. It’s Bad Taste and its a VA outing, it has all that forward thinking D&B good stuff you want. Will highlight the pick of the bunch for me personally, but check them all out as there  is plenty of variation on this excellent EP. Tech roller in 7 Circles is good, Illusion is a deeper more experimental sound from Aggressor Bunx and Metrolab is a bass heavy Neuro track. The 2 best tracks are not surprisingly from 2 of the better producers out there right now. In Current Value and Hypoxia & Doctine we have 2 really good D&B tracks worth the purchase alone. CV’s Conditioning is another firing intelligent precise D&B track, his Waveforms are always so much fatter than most the other tracks I play, so much production value and retaining the fire/energy he creates. This is a great track. With that said the track of the release is Carcosa, surely a reference to True Detective series one and equally as ominous. The moment I heard this I loved it. It has that repetitive Neuro sound, the bass drops adding to its overtly mechanical sound creating a hard roll out of a track. Peak time stuff this. Big tune!!!


Calyx & TeeBee – Where we Go/Ghostwriter [Ram]

I want the LP to be out now, Calyx & TeeBee consistently put out decent tracks. Enough teasing. Where we Go is a soundsystem vibed peak time banger. Has the requisite lyrics, the mental Calyx & TeeBee Bass and production. That said as with a lot of these little teasing releases, the B is the one!!! Ghostwriter, is possibly the Skank off this LP. An intro to die for, building the anticipation, the bongos on the rise. Occasional Ghostwriter samples, all ratcheting up the intensity till the drop. I really love this track, less obvious with the basslines but makes up for it hugely with the off key bells or metal clangs haha Not sure what to call them honestly. Then into a Darkcore breakdown, till the kicks start and off we go again into a 2nd drop variation (take note!!! Producers, its great to hear) Roll on the near release of this anticipated Album.


Current Value & Prolix – Get Down to it/ Fake [Trendkill Records]

Prolix is not a fool, he has signed arguably THE producer in D&B right now. Certainly for those loving the harder beats. Current Value is just on it right now. Energy, Big Bass, Intelligent, almost Mathematical tunes ( Think the Foals if you know) basically highly complex. Tim Eliot is a god right now, responsible for almost all that is new and good in the Darker D&B Scene. Not just that, but I now feel the need to Travel to Berlin to check out the Scene there haha Enough arsekissing from me. Get down to it, has this loop of a uplifting sample and drops into that insanely fat complex rhythmic D&B I love. It’s a tune, simple. That said when CV combines his style with Prolix another of my favourite producers, we get Fake. It’s on the best tracks about right now,the intro percussion is vibey even!! This is a fucking tune, stuttering bass with creating a repative complex monster!!!!!!!! Huge Tech sounds offset by the Fake sample. Trendkill is one of THE labels right now. Shout to Chris, good things.


BassBrothers – Electronic Propa LP [Playaz]

I am an excitable fellow when it comes to things I love, I get loud and all animated as some of you will know. I am passionate about Music and particular our Scene. With that in Mind I was left buzzing from this LP, literally. This is an aptly titled LP, I would go far as to say for me, one the Best of the year 2015 without doubt. I am not entirely comfortable calling it an outright D&B LP, it’s more than that. 11 tracks of D&B BPM Music, but that is where I will stop with the references. I don’t know how to label a lot of these tracks, they are all pretty unique. They are all heavy thats for sure, they are all pretty fucking inventive. BassBrothers smash sub genres in this LP. It will not be for some due to coarse nature but I absolutely love this LP and its wonderful to hear. If you like Jump I think you will love this, if you Like Neuro I am sure you will love this. Upon Di Place litterally left me open mouthed and I am grinning like a maniac with it on now, its a totally off key track!!!! Dealers is probably the most normal of the tracks haha Neuro styled Jumpish, kinda Techy thing. It’s right,  is that true D&B style I mentioned with the Voss, in my words its a track for the headz. Big tune I have been caning. This is why I do what I do, why I love this Music. This LP will not be for some for sure, but for others like me, it will make you very happy.