After his stunning release on Virus with Mefjus and the Upbeats, I spoke with Insideinfo about his plans…which include an album forthcoming and maybe something else a bit special!


Pretty sure Insideinfo needs little introduction, but for those who have live in a Cave, tell us about yourself?

I’m Paul and I also live in a cave, I surface into the real world occasionally and the light blinds my eyes. I love BBQ’s and I feel very lucky to have some kind of career in making the Music I love…. in my Cave.


Very excited about your release forthcoming on Virus. Your working with Mefjus and The Upbeats! All that and it’s on Virus. For me, if I produced that would be the stuff of dreams. Tell us how that come about?

Me and the Upbeats did a track last year called Epsilon for Blackout. After meeting up at Fabric a while back and became really good mates, so we quite often meet up and hang out when they are touring out in Europe. When Mefjus was over at mine for a week or so working on something we all met up and decided to get on a 3 way (easy now!) We just kept taking it in turns in the studio (my studio is a very small room that just abouts fits 2 people in) trying out different things and Footpath was born. We had a great time writing it and it just sort of magically fell together.


Having met you a few times while at Kmag, you know I am a huge fan mate. This particular release is massive. Can we expect more fire like this?

Thanks bro! Well I don’t see us giving up any time soon! There’s always material in the works and working with the Upbeats is always an absolute blast so no doubt we will get on another beat soon once schedules allow it! There’s always a constant hunger in all of us to keep things moving and try different formulas.


Virus is such an influential label. What tracks for you really stand out?

Blimey, it is a real honour to release on Virus, they don’t actually release a great deal of music, it’s quite selective so a Virus release always feels like a big deal. I got really into DNB through the early Ed Rush and Optical stuff. I remember buying Zardoz / Satellites way back and listen to it constantly trying to figure out how anyone could come up with that sort of stuff! Some fav early Virus tracks are probably Kerbcrawler, Fixation, Gas Mask / Bacteria, obviously Watermelon. Also love Audio and Optiv & BTK’s take on the Virus sound, bringing it up to date while keeping the same kind of ethics.


Just having a listen to some of your previous tracks and I have quite a few personals haha. That said I need to pick a few special ones. Mythos with Martin is right up there, your remix of Killa Bees by Usual Suspects, Hybrid Minds – Meant to be Remix and the Entire Grow EP. What tracks for you, are the one’s you happiest with?

I’m never happy with anything ever! I guess that’s just part and parcel of writing. I’m happy with them for the first week or so after the initial idea but then slowly but surely that vanishes and they just become a kind of snapshot of what was going on at the time. That sounds pretty bleak doesn’t it?


You and Mefjus work really well together and create such big tracks. Is this something, going forward we can expect more of? 😉

Of course, we love working together, we try and make it like a special thing each time. So we have periods of working on solo stuff and learning new things then we combine heads and mash it all together. Once I have finished my album we will be combining forces for a big project 😉


What else can we expect from you and Virus over the coming months?

We don’t have any more releases planned with Virus at the moment but never say never, I’m doing a solo album for Viper which is currently penciled in for release in summer next year. Its shaping up but still a long way to go. I’ve done a bunch of remixes which should see the light of day shortly as well.


Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

Just a big thankyou to everyone who’s taken interest in the music we make and the people attending the live shows and the promoters putting up there hard earned cash to make it work week in week out!


Check out the tracks on Virus right now: