I don’t know about you, but I loved I got a Fever by these guy’s. It prompted me to find out a little more about them, here is what they had to say…

Firstly tell us about Document One?

We’re a production duo from Oxford currently releasing on Technique Recordings. We’ve produced music across a lot of styles within dance music but we are currently concentrating purely on Drum and Bass. We are passionate about bass music, especially DnB!


I don’t mind saying that your recent release on Technique, I got a Fever is possibly the most catchy track of 2015. When your in the Studio creating this, did it just click or was it something you really had to work on?

First of all thanks a lot for the kind words. I think the bold nature of this tune has led to it being an ear catching track. When we were writing this track it was much more a case of things clicking and coming together naturally rather than setting out with a vision. Matt came up with the cowbell riff and swing rhythm which is very much the essence of the track. Once Matt had come up with the basis of the tune it was really a case of building the remaining elements of the track around it and experimenting with different bass sounds. The track pretty much wrote itself from there.


Follow me, another excellent track. Still retains the funky element, spiced up with a Techy sound. Of the 2 this sounds more complex, is that the case in creating it?

Harmonically this tune is a lot more complex, we spent some time writing the chord structure in the intro and arranging the strings which come in before the drop. Sound design wise the track is not really any more complex than I got a fever, I think there is just a bit more variation within the Bass line. The emphasis of the drop is on the relationship between the drums and the bass which are quite tightly interviewed rhythmically, this results in a slightly more sophisticated sound of the over all track.


I for one am keeping a close eye on your output after this, what can we expect for the rest of 2015?

We’re currently putting some finishing touches to our next record so it won’t be long before this drops. You can expect more of the Jazz influence, and harmonic experimentation. We are really trying hard to achieve a sound which works both in your headphones as well as on the dance floor. Expect tight grooves and big chord progressions with a Neuro twist.


How did you get into the Scene and what influenced your decision to start producing?

We met at college years ago when we were studying music. Between us we play Guitar, Drums and Piano and we used to play in bands together. We developed an interest in dance music when we started going to clubs in our latish teens. The high impact nature of DnB and Dubstep really caught our attention and eventually led to us trying to recreate what we heard in the clubs on our computers at home, the rest is history.


You hail from Oxford. I always like to find out about the Scene in places outside of London. Whats good in D&B from that way?

Being a small city, Oxford has a fairly low key Drum and Bass scene but we have just enough to satisfy. Total science and DJ Lee are the local legends producer wise. In terms of clubs the Celler and the Bully have some great underground music coming though and the local O2 academy takes care of the bigger club nights like Hospitality and UKF.


In a ideal world what does the future hold for you guy’s?

It’s hard to imagine what we would regard as an ideal world. We are just concentrating on keeping things moving in the direction we’ve been heading in recently. We’re really chuffed with the reaction we got from the DnB scene to our last couple of records so hopefully we’ll get the same sort of reaction to the next release. In the longer term we’d love to write and album as it’d give us a chance to explore and experiment further with our sound, and we’ve always toyed with the idea of a live set, we’ve even done live sets in the past but never quite achieved what we’d like to do with it.


Be sure to check out the track if you haven’t already, really is ridiculously catchy!!!


Thanks to Document one, Technique and On the Rise.