Part two of of monthly drum and bass picks including albums from Etherwood and Riya…


Etherwood – Blue Leaves EP [Med School]

The grand piano is probably my favourite instrument which stood Etherwood’s 2013 debut LP in good stead as an Instant favourite. His new effort the Blue leaves LP continues in the same vain packed full of deep piano rollers and luscious vocals. Some high profile names in dnb also appear as collaborators such as Logistics, S.P.Y and LSB.


Submorphics – The Divine EP [SGN:LTD]

Submorphics drops a lesson in liquid done properly with his return to SGN:LTD including vocal colabortions from Jenna G, Christina Tamayo and T.R.A.C.


Friske – Temperamental EP [Metalheadz Platinum]

Friske returns to Headz with another highly impressive EP. Kicking things off we have DLR and Ant TC1’s Tech rolling rework of Requisite. The rest of the EP has a deeper fused with old school feel excruciated perfectly.


Need For Mirrors – Chariot EP [V Recordings]

One of the most prolific producers in the game right now returns with yet another solid effort with a nod to classic V rolling sounds.


Signal – Binary 07 [Critical Binary]

The Binary series keeps rolling with this seventh effort from Signal. One for those who like it dark techy and rolling this.


Riya – Sublimation [Spearhead Records]

Riya’s long awaited album finally drops on spearhead and includes some fantastic collaborations from producers such as LSB, Break, Total Science, Villem and Mcleod to name a few!


Dawn Wall – Kythera EP [Integral]

Mystery producers Dawn Wall return with their second effort on Integral and once again it solid deep and rolling all round.


Mako – The Narrator EP [Metalheadz]

Pure Headz vibes again from Mako with some wicked drum works, breaks, Bass and atmospheric sounds. A must buy!


RQ – Gloss / Gloss (Need For Mirrors Remix) [Dawn Sound]

Kiwi producer RQ returns with Gloss which fuses massive bass and steppy drums whilst on the flip Need For Mirrors toughens things up with a more rolling but equally decent remix.