So like the rest of you attending I’m pretty much wetting myself with excitement the closer we get to Sun and Bass 2015! I thought it would be cool to catch up with some Sun and Bass regulars to get the lowdown so I had chat with FD and Sardinia based ARPxp


You guys will be at sun and bass again this year, for those like myself who are making it out for the first time can you tell us a bit about the history of it and how it came about?

Arp: This is my 12th sun and bass, I’ve played in every edition and I can say without doubt that it’s the best thing that happened to my musical “life”. We say it’s the best kept secret in dnb: guess why?


What have been some of your favourite sets from previous years?

FD: Last year Spirit absolutely killed it for me. He played in the inside at Ambra Night, and he just seemed to select impeccably – and the mixing was tight as. He seemed to go quite heavy, but maybe nothing madly over the top – just a sick selection, with energy, deepness and flavour. I also really enjoyed Moresounds and Fracture last year, both coming with completely their own take on the sound, and owning it at the same time. Marky is often a real highlight in Sardinia, and of course Marcus and Calibre always come with the goods. Also, Doc Scott and Cleveland Watkiss doing a Bluenote set had me losing my shit big time haha.


There are some pretty unique venues, can you tell us a bit more about them?

Arp: The Ambra night is an old club, one of the oldest in Sardinia. Two different floors, both with big sound systems surrounded by nature. Other venues are not exactly what you expect at a dnb party. Bal Harbour is a wonderful villa in front of the beach, with a weird pool with a tiny island inside. Year after year, it became probably our most iconical venue.


Pretty much everyone who has been says it’s a bit special, what do you put that down to?

Arp: It’s a family thing: you don’t feel like you’re at a festival, it looks more like a holiday with your friends. You can meet your favourite artists around the corner looking for a bottle of mirto or asking for the best culurgiones* in town.

*sardinian typical pasta with potatoes, cheese and mint.


You also have a release forthcoming in conjunction with sun and bass?

FD: Yes, we have an EP coming around mid October, with two tracks from Arp and two from me. This will now be an ongoing thing, and we’re already putting together the next release.

I love what SUNANDBASS stands for and also what it means to me and so many other people – and so when they asked us to release music on their newly invigorated label, it was a total no brainer.


You also recently stepped in for the sun and bass podcast, do you think it sums up the music vibes we can expect?

FD: I think the aim of SUNANDBASS is to represent anything and everything that is good in drum and bass. I’ve always been into all different sounds within the music – when i first started listening to it, i was given Logical Progression 1 and 2 on tape, and was also always listening to Dylan on Rude FM! And so this is what i try to do when i play a set or make a mix, play a wide range of styles and sounds, and i think Arp would say the same thing.

So yeah, i think that is what you can expect at SUNANDBASS – a little bit of everything, as long as it’s good! 😉

Thanks guys, see you there next month!