Slightly later than usual, here are my picks of whats fresh in D&B. I have received plenty of tracks since last Month, one of the reasons for the delay as I couldn’t make my mind up. We have a nice mix in styles as well. With tracks from Eastcolors, Optiv & BTK, Arkaik, Zero Method and more…


Handra, Mortem & Eastcolors – Handra EP [Addictive Behaviour] 

I have been aware this project was happening some time back. It’s finally out and I love it. 3 tracks including a great remix of one of last Years best tracks, in Coat of Dust. The Addictive Behaviour team have as I mentioned before become a go to Label for me. This release again shows why. Enrolling Eastcolors to rework Coat of Dust into a Heavy track, still retaining the beautiful Haunting Piano and style is genius. Far away show’s a more calm, thoughtful style which is exceptionally chilled. Handra & Mortem combine on Eyes on you. This is a tune as well. A Deep almost Neuro roller, worth a purchase as well. Great stuff again from Addictive Behaviour.


Arkaik – My Love EP [Flexout Audio] 

It gives me great pleasure to see Flexout in the reviews again. Nultiply chose Amoss, saving me the task of having 2 Flexout Audio releases in my picks and looking like a fan boy! This is one great EP. Flexout has featured a lot lately, this EP is probably the best of this year from them. The last release with Amoss was excellent so bear that in mind when I say buy this EP from Arkaik. 5 Excellent tracks, but check Wusi Street and the amazing title track. Wusi Street is the Deep Techy Roller you would expect but My Love is dare I say it, almost an Anthem…Except good! From the intro, great use of the sample, Melodic. Then building into the drop. It’s a proper tune. Just get it!!!!!!!


Zero Method – Deep Fields LP [Red Light Records] 

I find it hard that I haven’t seen more mentioned about this LP. I say that as in more from the big guys in Scene, I have however seen a lot mention it from the guys who really know, the DJ’s. This is why we do what we do. This LP is one of the best of the year, it’s the best of what I am reviewing this week. I compiled a mix to do the other day, initially featuring oh 5 tracks from this!! I ended up with 3 as I thought it would look Biased, it’s not Biased haha Zero Method has just lit a fire up under the arse of many producers and set a standard for the harder beats. I loved this LP and if you like those neck breaking sounds, you will love it as well. Seriously just take my word for it. Plus with Colabs with L33 & Optiv, any self respecting Neuro/Tech head will want this. Get the whole LP, don’t be tight. Its worth every penny, or for the next few months you will be asking ‘whats that tune, whats that tune” looking a bit sad, because you didn’t get it first time round.


Document One – I got a Fever/Follow me [Technique] 

Summer Anthem alert!!! I know I used Anthem earlier and a little dig about such tracks. There are always exceptions to rules, especially my rules haha This is one motherfucker of a catchy track. Friction aired it and said the exact same…I swear!! (Done in jest Friction mate, don’t sue me please) On a serious note, I find it hard to believe you haven’t already or will hear I got a fever. It’s so catchy, got the funk swing sound with a D&B take on it. The Glockenspiel/Cowbell sound kills it!!!! Listening to it now, you almost want to do a Carlton dance out of Fresh prince. (sorry if your not ancient like me, reference will make little sense!!) Follow me is not bad either. It’s also the perfect excuse to check it out, if your one of them serious head types. Deep Musical sounds, Pianos and Orchestral horns!?!? Dropping into another heavy Funkier style. Both big tracks. Makes you smile, unless your dead inside.


Bipolar – Project Mohawk 3 [Broken Audio] 

Earlier in the year we covered the first of the Project ( go back and check it out, if you didn’t!) this 3rd outing is really very good. Some proper D&B in this, plenty use of breaks and sublime rolling sounds. Give it time, in a time where there is so much in your face D&B these beautiful tunes can slip by. In that I mean, the more I listen to the tracks, the more I appreciate them. Currently listening to Shadows of Love as an example, Bipolar and Paramount combine to produce a deep, wistful rolling track. Listen, close your eyes and go on that journey with the sound. Out of the 3 this is for me the best of the series so far. Fan of D&B not a Sub Genre, like breaks and Rolling sounds. This is you!!


Soul Intent  – Wanna Fight EP [Commercial Suicide]

This is possibly a little late due to timing, but trust me. It’s worth checking out as are the other bits currently doing the rounds on the label. A little nod to Zombie Cats & Digital. I don’t think I am alone in my thoughts on this outing by Soul Intent, by saying its some of the best from him. I really like the 3 tracks Funk Lick, Move your Body and Wanna Fight ft Chromatic. Funk Lick is as you would expect funky, but not in a overtly obvious fashion, the baseline and subs used well for that Funk. Move your body, the intro on this is superb!!! DJ’s check it out. Big atmospheric Piano, Excellent percussion with tearing breaks to boot. Drops into a wobbling baseline, still retaining that Piano. Think Intelligent tracks dropped by Bukem back in the day!!! Wanna Fight, yeah go on then! Big track, you can tell from the off Soul Intent means business, the beats tighten up, the sounds more menacing and the drop suggests I want to take your head clean off after a few Nelsons. (That’s Stella to any non – Londoners haha) Check them all out.


BTK, Optiv & Mindscape – Ruthless/Heads Above  [Dutty Audio]

Happy to see the Dutty Family here again, I don’t hide the fact I love this Label. It’s features in reviews and mixes heavily! Even in my wardrobe! No, not a picture on the inside of the door like a stalker, a hoodie haha Vini and Ed invite Greg along to make some beats. The end result, is Ruthless. A peak time smasher, gritty and with the intro using the sample “I’m ruthless” on a fading in and out loop. Building into in the drop and the heavy chugging style of Optiv & BTK is clear, with Mindscapes influences in the overall track. This is a heavy Tech/Neuro sound. Tune of the package is Heads Above, it has a intro that signals not one fuck will be given in this track. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s a pretty tough ask to describe this track, so get it up online, play it loud and feel the fire!!!! Excellent bang out tracks from Dutty again.



Maztek – VIP remixes [Icarus Audio]

Mastic needs no introduction and has produced two huge VIP’s here. Depth is a less Neuro more Tech roll out of a track, has some amazing rolling basslines. I love the huge Mechanised sounds when they pop up every once in a while startling you, if you have it as loud as I do right now. Neighbours love it!!! Not. The pick of the 2 VIP’s is the rework of Straight to Bad. Here Maztek goes all out to mame the dance. It’s just foreboding from the off. Heavy kick on the intro, into the face melting fierce drop!! Pure peak time Neuro Fire contained within this track!!


Taxman – Creepshow EP [Playaz]

Well what do we have here? One of the reason’s my reviews are delayed, not that its either Taxman’s or Pascals fault mind! I have swapped and changed my picks a few times now. This is a late entry and as with the other recent outings from Annix and Sub Zero etc. Showcasing more talent from the Playaz stable. Taxman gives us 6 tracks. Yet again, bringing some dirty beats and some more Musical sounds with tracks such as All for Nothing’s DnB remix. One of my favourites off the EP. This is as you would expect some peak banger flavours, with a Jump up flavour in them. Not overly apparent and better for it. Represent is a kinda Deeper banging rollout, Nightshade is Jump up with great use of samples adding to the skankability. Billy Big Bollocks (love that title!) and Falling Down VIP are more your peak time Jump up styles. Leaving the title track. Creepshow is a fucking tune. From the intro, it just grabs your attention. It’s big and brash, has this hypnotic style right until the huge bass stabs take your soul. Filthy track.


A.M.C – Southpaw EP [Titan]

A.M.C is easily in the top 3 Drum & Bass DJ’s and with this EP, is cementing his production skills as well. I see a FB friend mention this EP a while back and knowing they have a penchant for the fire as I do, this should be checked out. I wasn’t disappointed. The complete opposite intact. 5 Banging tracks. Southpaw is a fuck of big track, Thor has that Nemisis bounce of Athys & Duster flavour, Die Hard has it own Neuro tinged flavour, Raging Bull is a Techy roller and Shade is a full on Neuro assault. 5 proper peak time bangers, that could very well pop out your screen punch you in the face, take your missus and the Wallet and go a Squat rave!!!! Big sounds, looking forward to more from Titan who have been a little quiet of late. Worth the wait.


As I mentioned about the delay, its due to the high volume of decent D&B. So I want to mention these that slipped by and well worth a look:

Hybris – Trangressor EP and Breaks 2nd Sampler from this LP. All deserve a mention. Till next time!