Translation Recordings are about to drop Bassment Beats volume 2 and have given us an exclusive track from the EP for our readers to check out from Brat Leeks. I caught up with the man him self to find out a bit more…


Hi thanks for speaking to us to day, for those new to Brat Leeks could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello thank you sir, my name is Luka heeling from Croatia lately famous summer music festival destination. I am member of Dirty Beatz Crew oldest drum & bass crew in Croatia running club nights in Croatian capital city Zagreb for 13 years, also part of organization team for DNBKonferencija major party conference/gathering of all Croatian dnb actors held yearly in Zagreb week after mighty Outlook Festival in Pula. And co-founder of VuBass, project for representing dnb/bass/dubstep.. music in Slavonija – east Croatia. DJ-ing, hosting radio show with crew, producing dnb/dubstep and experimenting with other different beats.


We’re really liking your new track on Translation ‘The hippies’ how did it come together?

Thanks, i was making beats with half or no classic snare, as this leave nice space for new and different grooves making them kinda slower but still full of energy and maybe even better dynamics, trying to get more trible/pumping/marching/voodoo sounds that could work in mixes to, i introduced some old recorded journalist samples and that’s how it started…later i made another version more percussive and bit different, this version is bonus on Translation Bandcamp.


Your in good company with the rest of the producers on the EP but which tracks are your personal favourites?

I am happy and inspired to write more and better music, very privileged to be featured on this EP with this company, I like all tunes my favorite is Yergacheffe by Red Army!


Anything else on the horizon from yourself?

I am finishing dnb tune with Croatian hiphop/rap legend General Woo on vocals, this or some other tune of mine will be released this year on “Future Sounds of Zagreb” double CD compilation containing tunes from best Zagreb “underground” electronic music producers from all genres. This is as I know first attempt to release this kind of music on Croatian lets say “major” publishing/releasing house. Also working on other solo projects and collaborating with friends Kodin & What The Funk atm…


Bassment Beats volume 2 Tracklist: 
1. Red Army – Yergacheffe
2. Brat Leeks – The Hippies
3. Dyl & Paragon – Abraxas
4. Cid Poitier – Ramping
5. Brat Leeks – The Hippies v2 (Bonus Track)