New signing to Mayan Audio RECS, gave me the lowdown about them and their recent signing…


Firstly tell us about yourselves, who are RECS?

The name RECS was derived from our initials Richard and Craig being our First names. We are just a pair of Junglists trying to play our part in the scene we have loved since we listened to tape packs as kids!


You recently signed to Mayan Audio. I understand this is an exclusive signing?

Yes it is… We had our eye on Mayan Audio from the first releases. We are always looking out for the Best tunes as we love this music but hearing a Clip of pulverize on Crissy Cris’ show we had to check them because we were literally like ‘where has this label come from and who is Tuff Touch?’ Then Kritix started releasing bangers and once the Kalima EP dropped we said to each other we would love to be a part of the label and it was our main focus and goal for this year to be honest.


So with that said, what have both RECS and Mayan Audio got in store for the near future?

Well we have some very fresh music scheduled to drop before Xmas and it’s certainly the highest standard we have been able to create yet so very excited to release them into the the Ether! Kritix are about to drop ‘All of me E.P’ and it is a masterpiece. We had a meeting before our signing and we were shown it and were very impressed, then on signing MAYAN just put out a free download of our track Protocol VIP and we recorded a live Podcast featuring the freebie and 3 tracks from the All of me E.P!


Hailing from Cambridge, you have quite a decent scene there, the likes of Warning as a night. Does that help influence you?

Yes it certainly does. We have been in attendance of Warning for probably 14 years and it’s a decent event with a loyal following and people travel from all over to Rave at Warning. DJ Barrington has been a huge support playing our tracks regularly gives us a chance to see the reaction and hear them on a huge system which is why we make DnB. Hopefully one day we will be playing a Set there which would mean a Huge deal for us as it’s like our Mekkha of the scene.


As you have previously mentioned, there are 2 of you. How does that effect the production? For instance do you both have the exact same style of production or D&B style?

Craig and I have a very similar taste in music and we rarely disagree on things however we do have to spend some time alone on a project as you don’t always want someone over your shoulder saying do this and do that. Craig is most creative at like 3 o’clock in the morning so he will often start an awesome bass line in the middle of the night then I will be summoned to the studio which is currently set up at his house to crack on and we turn into what we can… But the last year we are much more in tune with each other and we don’t have to say that much as the aim is usually a common goal. Our work flow and production rate is improving every day because we have been devoting alot more time and effort since signing to Mayan and we want it now more than ever. It’s all practice at the end of the day.


In my view Mayan Audio is one of the new breed of D&B. I mean that there are a few labels, Artist’s and events. Doing their own thing, maybe perhaps realising that the scene is a little Glass ceilinged. What do you guys think about that and the Scene as you have found it?

There are line ups very similar to 20 years ago which is amazing and We respect the original dons of the scene. There is also alot of raw talent on the way up. Everyone wants a slice of the Pie which luckily keeps growing. Competition is healthy and seeing the talent out there makes us more hungry! I remember going to a Ram night at fabric and thinking we need to do more and be better! There is so much to be inspired by in this scene and now we have a family with Mayan Audio our music is getting better and better and all the a major League Labels started somewhere and we would love to find success from a foundation label while they are on the rise.


Top 5 tracks, artists etc?

5. Signs on EATBRAIN and Piranha Pool
4. Noisia and Upbeats with that e.p forthcoming they just can’t do wrong!
3. Ed Rush and Optical dropping the Host and that Fabric Live mix is So Phat!
2. Coppa with his Act of Aggression LP is Bonkers! Plus his track with Mindscape ‘Most wanted’ on DnB Arena 2015 which certainly one of favourite tracks of this year. We had a track ‘Afterlife’ feature exclusive on that album too (wink wink)
1. The aforementioned Kritix with this E.P that’s about drop should be enjoyed by many a diverse and awesome group of tracks!


Finally anything you want to add?

Thank you to everyone reading this Thank you for your support past, present and future and keep your eyes and ears peeled for all things Mayan there is gonna be some serious Tuneage being released and it’s it’s truly exciting and an honour to be a part of it all!
Come and Party at club 65 in Vauxhall on the 12th September!
Big Up to Nu:Sounds and look forward to chatting again!


Check out the podcast below for some of RECS and Mayan Audio’s Sounds: