Hot off the back of two wicked EP’s I caught up with Pennygiles for a quick chat…


Hey Stuart, thanks for speaking to us today. After a few months you’ve returned with new EPs on Tempo and Integral. Could you give us a bit of an insight on how the tracks came together?

Hey no worries! Yep sure at the time i’d been slowly getting on with a few projects then boom! a 3-4month old brand new iMac goes kaput….So it meant having to re create all new ideas and being at the time i had to get a job as a baker to keep myself afloat.
But thankfully through that time i started reaching out to newer sources of sounds and thus the tracks on the ep came together to fit well.


I also understand you have some more tracks with Ed:it on the Horizon?

Indeed, we’ve just released on the Integral label, Then next we have one on Shogun and also a cheeky remix, hope i can say more soon.


And you also have the Does not compute project on V Recordings, tell us a bit about that?

Sure, me and Mr joseph had been making tracks together since i started, i owe a lot to those guys. And also i’d been quietly been making tracks with Andy. So at the time Bryan gee wanted the does not compute guys to get a few releases down, And with that they asked me i wanted to jump on board it and give it a new insight.


Your tracks in general cover a few different styles of dnb, what originally got you into the scene and came you name a few artists that inspired you?

ooosh! hmmmmm people like intalex, calibre, ill logic and raf, Fabio etc really were the ones that caught my ear for drum and bass. I still have very strong memories of when i first started to pick up on it, from listening to fabio quiet storm mixes in my mums car, to record shopping and kode9 showing me a calibre record in a small store in edinburgh.


Do you have any other releases on the horizon you can tell us about?

The Integral ep is out now, but apart from that its back in the lab, Remixing a Zero t track at the moment, So fingers crossed it comes out well.


And what about live sets, where can I readers catch you playing in the near future?

Its something i need to jump back on at the moment due to work but i should be at soul in motion on the 21st of October, come have a drink for my birthday with me people 🙂


Anything else you’d like to share?

Big up’s Nu:sound for the interview and everyone who’s kept supporting me through and through.