Gradual are a new signing to Technique Recordings and from the track shown, it’s a bit of me. So I caught up with them to find out more…


Firstly tell us a little about yourselves?

Hi, we are a duo of Spanish producers, that love the Neurofunk and the sound design, we both were working on that years ago. Since we met, we start working together because we loved the sound and the skills one of the other, and seeing the result, we decided to make a duo.


You have just signed to Technique, how did that come about?

We were working on some powerful tracks, with which we are very happy, and decided to start sending demos to big labels, one of them was Technique Recordings, we heard back from some of others, but we decided to sign with Technique and now we can say we are very pleased with our decision.


With that said, what is your first release with Technique? Can we expect more?

A work full of energy, sound design, darkness, sick drums and sick bass. We want the listeners to always recognise our style, but now we can not give more details. Of course, we still working more on new tunes, and we got many things on mind.


Tell us a little about the Scene where you are from? Any producers we should keep an eye on?

We got many collectives here which organise festivals and raves all the time, good djs and producers that they working whit very cool labels, the DnB Scene is growing here reaching each time much more public. You can find producers as “Kung” who has worked with (Eatbrain), “Impak” (Neurofunk Grid) and many more producers certainly you can follow more closely.


What are your plan’s for the rest of 2015?

We want to be together at same city, we were working via online because we live so far one of the other, and start working on more tracks on the studio. We just created this duo but hopefully soon be able to play some gigs and break the dance floor with our songs.


What influences you? Musically or otherwise?

Well we obviously love Neurofunk and all Drum and Bass music, we are influenced by artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Mefjus, Phace…but we also like other kinds music like Hip hop, Rock, Stoner, Classic Music….


If you could change one thing about the D&B scene what would that be?

To bet more on the new talent of producers and DJs that is emerging, which have very little opportunities to enter in the scene and so get show to world their qualities.


Finally, anything you would like to add?

Hope you all enjoy our work and like to the people, we will continue working to offer soon a lot more music and news about events. You can hear a little teaser of our work at our soundcloud and a free podcast for download.