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Jubei – True form EP [Metalheadz]

Jubei is back once again on Headz with this 5 track EP which goes into the darker side things. Stand out tracks include ‘Congo’ a stripped back roller with bouncy bass. ‘Cold Corner’ is a drum heavy number with plenty of nods to classic headz sounds Featuring the familiar Vocals of Steo. On the deeper side of things we have ‘Paragon’ keeping the same rolling narrative but with some smooth vocals. Overall another well rounded and solid effort from Jubei.


DJ Marky – My Heroes [Innerground]

Anyone who has seen Marky out in the mix will picture him with that big grin across his face and I think that positivity translates to the sound of ‘My Heroes’.  Believe it or not this is actually Marky’s first Solo album and its all about bringing the groove back into drum and bass combining rolling breaks with perfectly chosen samples to great effect giving you the ultimate Brazilian summertime vibe which we’ve come to expect from this guy.


Electrosoul System – Flawless LP [Med School]

Russian producer Electrosoul System is a name I’ve always followed with a impressive back catalogue spreading across labels such as Spearhead, Innerground and his own KOS.MOS music and this is an LP full of fresh and experimental drum and bass on Med School. If you are one of the people bemoaning the lack of originality in the scene right now than be sure to pick this up as ‘Flawless’ brings a mixture of Jungle, liquid and minimal to great effect.


Spectrasoul – The Mistress LP [Shogun Audio]

Spectrasoul‘s second studio album continues where their first left off with a mixture of drum and bass and half time deep sounds. More traditional rollers such as ‘Always’, ‘Sasquatch’ and lead track ‘The Mistress’ will fit straight into most Dnb sets whilst ‘Shelter’ and ‘More to give’ seem to have more of an 80s electronic influence whilst still maintaining the Spectrasoul sound.


Dawn Wall – You Remember EP [Integral]

New producer Dawn Wall makes his debut with an impressive 3 track EP on Integral Music. These 3 tracks incorporate solid rolling drums with choppy vocals and deep pads. Another EP which will slide straight into those summer mixes.


Etherwood – Souvenirs Remixes [Med School] 

Etherwood‘s recent liquid roller gets beefed up by both Ulterior Motive and S.P.Y. Ulterior Motive’s effort brings the sort of familiar vibe we heard from their debut album last year whilst S.P.Y’s mix does not hold back bringing growling Nuero vibes to the table. There’s also a house remix but we don’t care about that!


Nausika – Dominion / Echoes [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Nausika follow up their last EP on Subtitles with these two heavy minimal rollers numbers on Blu Mar Ten Music. Massive bass and ominous vibes are the tone for these two.


Villem & Mcleod – Ain’t No Way / Make Tomorrow [Warm Communications]

More solid output on Warm Communications this time from Villem and Mcleod. ‘Ain’t no way’ brings the dance floor vibes with big bass and some great drum work whilst ‘Make tomorrow’ featuring Totem switches to the deeper side of things with some lovely piano jazz vibes.


Conscience –  U Make Me Feel / Without Sleep [Flexout Audio]

Flexout are killing it right now, following on from their last release which NSD mentioned in the last reviews section we get these two deep rollers from Conscience. ‘U make me feel’ leads the way an awesome deep roller which got big shouts for a pull up when I played out at the weekend!


Bcee & Severity Zero – Tapestry EP [Fokuz Recordings]

Two Lovely liquid tracks packed with summer vibes. Bcee is joined by Darrison on vocals for ‘Gotta Get Away’ whilst Severity Zero effort with Tali ‘Tapestry’ is on the flip.


Fuj – Broadside EP [Scientia Music]

New producer Fuj drops a well round and grimey EP on Scientia music. Bound to get the dance floor moving this one and another solid release for this label.


Kasra & Enei – Inside the Box EP [Critical Music]

Critical boss Kasra hooks up with Enei once again for a solid 5 track EP. A combination of steppers and rollers with big bass and solid production make for a really well rounded EP.