At Nu:sounds were big fan’s of Coppa and if you haven’t already heard about it or got your self a copy, it’s time to check it. This has featured heavily on my recent selections and when you see the list of those involved you will understand. To name a few Marvin teamed up with Machine Code, Mindscape and Borderline to great effect. I spoke with Coppa at the start of the year and he gave an answer to a question, which helps sum up this LP:”Basically with this LP, I wanted free reign to create an LP that I always wanted to do. Not just one sub-genre of D&B. For the record I’ll put my hand up and say that I’m not a fan of that term, for me Drum and Bass is Drum and Bass. I don’t see genres within our Music to be honest, it’s a shame sometimes how it can become quite segregated. For example I can appreciate a State of Mind track AND a Wilkinson track at the same time, without my head or soul exploding into flames or turning into dust 🙂 For me if its good Music, its good Music. So that was the focus on this LP – to make good D&B Music, full stop”

So with that said, you can expect the bangers with the Collaborations with Borderline such as 6am (The LP also includes a Maztek remix!!! Big).

One of the tune’s from the LP for me with Mindscape – We set fire, which it does:

But as stated Coppa loves all the styles so another excellent track is with Virtue – Rhythms of Life. A blissful uplifting track:

So with all that said, check the link below. It has something for everyone. Be sure to check Beatport as it has exclusives!!! Here are some of the Scene’s comments:

TC “nice thanks! 5/5”
Joe Ford “Some bangers on here, nice!”
Mob Tactics “Wicked vocals, wicked production!”
June Miller “Sicccck! Love it :D”
Zardonic “MONSTER!!”
Shimon “Sick”

So why wait, check it out. Thanks to Coppa for the LP and all the info and keeping me in the Loop.

Available on iTunes & Beatport now: