Complex Records is a new label set up by liquid drum and bass producers Basic Forces and Kurruptdata. I recently caught up with them for the lowdown on the label…


Ez Guys, what made you decide to set up your own label?

Both Myself and James (Kurruptdata) have been working on a few project for around 6 months now and we have been bouncing ideas off each other into the early hours of the morning.
James had Complex Records running since 2012 and had a fair few releases and and some great response but due to trying to working on his own music things went a bit slow. He came to me one day and asked if I would like to
get involved and re launch the label. It was a no brainer really, since then when have had our first release from Myself (Basic Forces) and we both have a few things in the pipeline



What’s the idea behind the label and the music policy?

Deep and Meaningful. We love this Music, with a passion. We want to release music that has emotion and feeling. It´s not about making the next Dance floor banger, that’s not us. We want to hear the heart and soul from the Artist.


What do you have in the pipeline release wise?

Kurruptdata has a Forthcoming single A//Invisible B//Born Again, and we have signed a wicked new Producer in the Scene called Marcus Tee. Look out for him, he has some real vibe in his music.
Basic Forces is currently working on a new Single with an amazing British singer/songwriter Natalie Page originally from the UK currently residing in Barcelona. She has an amazing voice. Really looking forward to getting that out there.


I understand you also have a podcast lined up?

Yeah, we decided to do a monthly podcast playing some of the dnb tracks old and new that have been inspiring us to sit down and spend 14 hours looking at a computer screen. For the second part of the show we have some excellent Special Guests lined up 🙂


Are you accepting demos?

Yeah absolutely. If we really like it we will definitely reach out to the Artists. We are also looking for new Music to run on our Show on Future Sounds Radio (3rd Friday of every month)


Anything else you’d like to mention?

We would like to thank everyone in this scene that has been so kind to mentor us along the way. We all know there is no real money for small labels and Artist like ourselves, it’s just about passion, that’s what keeps us going!
We would both mention names but we don´t want to leave anyone out by accident.