Slight delay in getting these up, so apologies for that. Anyway, within the latest promo’s I have received some new bits by June Miller, Nickbee, Cod3x and current fire team Instinkt…


June Miller – Chains of Strength / Last night on Earth [Ram]  

So Ram yet again, trust me only because they are putting out some seriously heavy shit right now. June Miller giving a little taste of whats to come on their LP Robots & Romans (Which is great!) Chains of strength has an excellent Piano intro, soundscapes and Euphoria for the dance, incoming live Drums by the sound of it, used to excellent effect!!! Adding depth to the usual pre drop build. You know whats going to happen when it does drop, huge pounding Bass and sounds….standard! Last night on Earth, however is a little different. Again a lovely DJ friendly intro, some quality sampled films from the Kung Fu genre I assume haha. When this drops its a little less of a punch in the face, but make no mistake this is the better track in my opinion. The beats on this are progressive, the samples aside this is a very serious track. Relentless in its style, the switches in both the beats and Bass is prominent through out, this is done so well its can sound at points like the pitch is decreasing and increasing. Fantastic stuff as per.


Devyn Rose – Falling 4 U (Mob Tactics remix) [Midication recordings]  

The MTA lad’s were tasked to remix an Artist’s track, now when that happens its not usual to be asked to tear the ears off the listener. Not everyone loves the face melting D&B. This has Festivals flavours pouring out of it. I love this track, it was my pick of all the releases. The vocals of the wonderful Devyn Rose clearly adding so much to the track and the boys used them to excellent effect. Adding plenty of layers to this track. It’s neither cheesy nor pop trash. For me it has everything that a lovely vocal track should. Piano, upbeat, some wistful Summer sounds but retaining enough fire that you still want to skank out when the kicks start to drop. Massive shout out to both Luke and Mark!


Instinkt – Cross Grain EP [Disturbed]  

Following from something so uplifting, straight on to something disturbingly grotty! Everything I am currently being sent by Rune & Kaiza/Instinkt is just so good, you really need to be following these guys in either capacity. If you are a fan of the Neuro and Dark styles, these guys are really putting some great tracks out right now!! 3 tracks of hard as nails D&B. Legacy starts with a lovely breaky intro, kick drum and drops into a funky little Neuro rolling track. Temper has a soundscape intro, which is deceiving as it drops into a distorted Bass rhythm which is a little hypnotic. The track, progresses and has plenty of layers to it. The piece de resistance, if thats spelt right is Cross Grain. Now you may be aware I get a little excited when a track is just out and out,  insane filth. Yeah its one of those tracks. Again a totally misleading intro on this, it really should come with some kind of warning on loop of whats about to happen haha This is banging, properly! Just listen to it, get it even.


Cod3x – Undead EP [Bad Taste]  

Last month Current Value’s Force Black EP was picked, this month we see Cod3x‘s EP on the amazing Bad Taste recordings. You may remember his track on the Soul Synthetic VA LP called Hyperthermia. Well this time it’s all Cod3x and this pleases me and if you love your Neuro will please you also. 5 tracks, which I am listening to as I type this and just having  a little chair bop, you know what I mean haha. Undead, Must die and Obey are great tracks but I want to focus on  2 lovely bits of D&B. Strangulate, has a intro that just says Ibiza! The beats Cod3x used on this EP are great (Check Undead) these are used again on this intro. This has a steppy feel, muffled Bass and plenty more to add depth. 2 mins is where it gets me, bridging to the breakdown. A kinda hands in the air moment, D&B style, before taking back off. Saving the best for last, Space   Gang is great. From the odd intro, using great samples and great percussion. I love the drop on this track, I really can’t reiterate how good this track is. It’s got a Bassline which I can only describe as like an Elastic band. Its the only coming to mind worryingly haha It builds, changes, little variations making a big impact. Such a vibey track love it! Keep an eye on Cod3x can see big things from here on in, a young talent.


Neve – Space Cowboys EP [Dutty Audio]  

This is not due for release until 13th July I believe. So may need to wait a while for it peeps, if you like a deeper Neuro/Tech you won’t mind one bit. 4 tracks here, all really well produced and the more I listen to them, the more I appreciate them. Think a lot of the Heads will go for this. Neve collaborates with Bow, De Niro, Crimson, Axl and Jazzatron. These tracks are very good technically, many layers, variations and styles. A great thing for an EP. Stand out tracks for me are oddly enough, all bar the title track in Space Cowboys. Don’t stop with De Niro is that kick led, peak time track. With the “let the beat drop, you don’t stop vox” its got that energy, staggered sounds and plenty of fire. Barracuda with Jazzatron on the collaboration, is heavy Tech Step tune. Plenty of vibes circa 1998 on the intro, brought bang up to date with the drop. Best of the bunch for me is Street Price, with Crimson & Axl. A complex track, listening to this now, so many layers to it. Again that Techy influence which makes the track.


M-Soul, S27, Mombosh & Medisin – We count these moments / As I am drifting [Flexout Audio]  

Easily the longest Artist name I have encountered, but do not be put off by this. Once again Flexout getting those tracks that are just plain excellent. These are on a deeper vibe,I will start with As I’m drifting ft Shanna. This is a deep roller of a modern heads track. Heavy Flexout sounds with this track. Now, on to We count these moments ft Anna Rune. Now I do not know who Anna Rune is, but her Vocals make this track. Her voice is excellent. If you like that deeper liquid vibe, your gonna love this!!! It’s fucking blissful. Starting with Piano and the delightful vocals of Anna, the Piano building until the drop. If you don’t end up humming or failing in an attempt to sing this, there is something wrong. Some bars in from the drop, it gets that Tech flavour and rolls out beautifully with Anna seeing you through with her sublime vocals. I really love this track. Shout to Tom, where are you finding these people!!! Get this track.


Mefjus & Rido – Optimum Trajectory EP [Blackout]  

2 fantastic producers working on some beats, for one of the best labels around right now. Was only going to end up one way, Banging. I love both Mefjus and Rido for their own styles, they combine both to wonderful effect, I hear that a few people died in the testing of these tracks from Heart problems haha. Basically this is a 4 track EP that makes people die! As you would fully expect, these guys combine to bring you some serious Neuro D&B. Each track is good, you know what both these guy’s are about, you know what Blackout are about. If you like your Drum & Bass heavy, its you. However I would like to talk about 2 of the tracks, because they are insane! Correlation, is almost impossible to describe. It’s, like chopped up style madness from the guys!! You need to listen to this, I am fairly certain that destroys the dance and is responsible for at least 2 deaths. Now Magnetism again, its got that Mefjus influence, the dirty Bass of Rido and all the percussive elements you could imagine, blend that up with Mechanised sounds of the latest Neuro and you have Magnetism!


Annix – Work it out EP [Playaz]  

Playaz again coming with the goods and this pleases me no end. In particular this is one of the only Jump up styles I have ever reviewed, but as with the Playaz camp of late, there is plenty more going on. Many thanks to Pascal for this. The releases in 2015 are very strong and each Month its hard to pick outright favorites, which I have done so this month and immediately regret now I have almost finished and remember this EP. I digress. This EP restored my faith in the Jump up style as I told Annix on Twitter. It’s one of best EP’s right now, possibly will  be up there for the year. 6 tracks from Annix, Konichi and Decimal Bass. The title track is one of the tracks of which I speak, grimy and hard but mad very well (Take note Jump up producers!!!!!) with that said 2 tracks are my favourites. I will start with Konichi’s Those days. I love this track, its pure vibes. It’s mellow and soothing, just listen to it. Top of the pile is without doubt 97 track. This is a fucking tune!!! Peak time killer. Again, the Jump up style on show and as I have previously stated, how it should be made. It’s a dirty funky skank out track. Hats off to both Annix and Playerz, the way forward for these styles!!


Axiom – Schizothemia (Nickbee remix) [Kill Tomorrow] 

Final track this month and it’s lovely one. Nickbee remixing Axiom’s Schizothemia. How on earth people can say that D&B is just noise is beyond me really. This is a perfect example of the complexity and ingenuity of the D&B sound. Percussive intro, some soundscapes and a little taste of the uplifting chords, again I will state not cheesy!! Then the beats drop, it’s a hypnotic deep affair this. Nickbee is an amazing producer and when the half time switch is coupled with the earlier chords…its bliss. Just before the full euphoric and dreamy breakdown. That doesn’t drag out and it’s quickly back to the deep hypnotic sound . A lovely track. Kill Tomorrow are putting out some very good D&B and you need to check them out if you haven’t done so already.