Loved this interview, really good to ask some decent questions and equally good to get great responses, shout out to both Kalm & Spindall for this. If you don’t know about Nurtured Beatz this should spark your interest…


Firstly introduce Nurtured Beatz for those that haven’t had the pleasure?

Spindall:Easy guys Nurtured Beatz is an independent DnB label / event run by myself & Kalm. We’ve been going for just over 2 years , and have just released our 12th release. ( The event has been running longer)

Kalm: (Spindall covered it)


The Cataclysm EP, by yourselves (Kalm & Spindall) is out right now. This kind of D&B for me typifies the quality of labels like yours. When you set out, was this always the intention, to stay true to the Genre?

Spindall: Thank you . Yes the ethos behind nurtured Beatz has always been about high quality DnB music and nurturing talent. There’s a certain sound of the genre that both Kalm n I have always stayed true to and I think it shows in the artists we release & sound the label has become known for.

Kalm: Its impossible for us to be untrue to the genre as we eat, sleep and, breathe beats all day everyday!


As I eluded to in the previous question, a label like Nurtured Beatz, has excellent quality control and only releases quality D&B. There are pro’s and Con’s to this I am sure. Would you care to share some of those with anyone who may be starting out or wanting to start their own label?

Spindall: Thanks again , we try our best haha. The pro’s are we are releasing high quality material that we love and people are liking it too, it’s good to see people appreciating what we are releasing. Also having a label we get a access a great pool of tunes and talent not necessarily available to all so you get to play a lot of fresh material in DJ sets etc that’s a perk being DJs too. Con’s if you can call it that is you get sent an awful lot of not so high quality material and having to tell people your not interested can sometimes become long winded . I’ve been abused on soundcloud for not digging people’s tracks in the past. But all part & parcel I guess.

Kalm: The pro’s are obvious.. the con’s are sometimes you find out who your “real” friends are AND those who are not. We have noticed people who greet us with hand shakes & high five’s, but then when they “think” we aren’t noticing try to block our progress – this is a classic example of green eye’s that people get EVEN if your not making money or cutting in to thierss etc…and just working hard.. people still wanna “de-rail” you because they can’t stand to see someone else even try and do something cool. They just sit there hating because thats all they can do. Not just the “un-able or less able” either – even so called BIG people who have big labels/artists etc; still take time to enjoy sh*tting (biting: ideas, artist’s, venue’s etc) on smaller label’s just because they can, just like the old school yard bullies. Then there are the “super sycophant fan type’s” that get jealous for there beloved “artist” and try and mess up your business so you can never upset there fav artist by ever getting even a shred of light. – The scene or feeling of “unity” is a myth from the past Nowdays: even Jonny/Jane come-lately thinks they are the sh*t and deserve to be at the top of the pile just because they showed up. Rival promoters tend to put on other rivals a lot or people who have “not” been supporters of you on at their events just to wind you up – I have been doing this for 20yrs plus at some high levels inc Sony & Universal (dnb)… Every little Tom, Dick & Harriet wants to ramp, and will get all there toddler m8’s to jump on and back them. Its a dirty little dog eat dog world out there for us to just like everyone else, we build what we can, with what we have, and our real friends are right by our sides never giving up the fight.


From a personal aspect, is it frustrating how the scene can be. For example, a label such as yours can be well received by the heads but maybe not by the masses? For me personally I am amazed at how some amazing tracks get little coverage.

Spindall: Yes it definitely can be. People weather they like to admit or not subconsciously will always follow the hype. For example you see it with the big labels, some people will hype a track on said label without actually listening to the music . I call it listening with your eyes, instead of judging music they are judging by the brand they see. So yes we can get overlooked especially with our policy of  unearthing new talent , rather than going for who’s supposedly Flava of the moment , you can be ignored . But on the flip a lot of our artists have gone on to bigger things, Hyroglifics being a good example , so we must be doing something right .

Kalm: Yeah cheese still sell’s a lot to people “don’t wanna get to deep” and “just wanna bit of fun” which usually means some random music playing in the back ground of their drug binge. We do have fun with our mates who also take their music seriously and actually love “D&B” – unlike some who actually say they love D&B but all they really want is to subvert it by merging it in to some recent hipster movement they saw on “Vice” . Experimentalism and new groove and styles has always been at the heart of D&B, some like to go on like its new or better “they invented it”.


With that said what is your motivation? Because I think most in the know its rarely financial haha?

Spindall : Corny answer but I love this genre . Since the age of around 12 I’ve wanted to be part of it and now I am.

Kalm: Music. To be able to enjoy some moments of my life without somewhere in the background some shitting auto tune trappy crappy pop Bull crap is destroying my will to live!


You guy’s have thrown some parties not so long ago, can we expect more?

Spindall: The party “Nurtured Beatz” is actually older than label. I started it in 2008 and it’s been going on and off ever since . It’s been more a constant affair since the launch of the label and we’ve done one roughly every 3 months since 2013. The next one is in August in conjunction with Proximity @Timbuktu Bristol.

Kalm: Always.


A personal favorite of mine, your Brand New World LP (For anyone not familiar with Nurtured Beatz, check the tunes in that package) for me is a highlight. What for you are some of your favourite releases? Also is there going to be a follow up?

Spindall: Thank you we are proud of that project a lot of hours went into it and we achieved something special with that. The lp as a whole is a fave but everything we’ve put out has been a fave otherwise we wouldn’t have signed it in the first place . It would be unfair to artists on the roster to pick out favourites. We have some cool remixes of the album on the go at present , so we will be revisiting the album 100%.

Kalm: (Spindall covered it)


The more involved I have been in the Scene, the more I have noticed a Scene with in it. In particular with the London crew, I have found and love the way we kind of work together, supporting each other. With Events, Artists, DJ’s and Labels. This for me is a fundamental part of our Scene. On that note, anyone you would like to bring to the fore, that we may not yet be aware of?

Spindall – Definitely we’ve met and worked with a lot of other labels/ Parties since we started and become friends with the people , we have good relationships with Diffrent Music , Flexout Audio, Proximity, Rupture , Launch , Noise, Cohesion, Evolution and others . Not just the labels but blogs to In-Reach have been supporters & we’ve done parties together the what , drum & basics , ninja ninja , DnB dojo yourselves , DnB arena have all played part in our Journey and we’ve made some cool friends along the way.

Kalm: I love that aspect to, we always try to show love and support people we feel are genuine, and aren’t the type s of people I described in previous answers above.
In a previous answer I said the “unity” thing isn’t there any more.. and its sad.. of course we are still able to forge strong friendships – I think its just a case of the Veterans involved have seen enough to know that: that is a popular ploy amongst “fakers” to show up out of now where and call for unity as a way of gaining support for them selves. Pay some due’s & respect the art form, we all did.


Finally what can we expect from Nurtured Beatz going forward, or Kalm & Spindall?

Spindall: More good music , first up is our own EP entitled “Cataclysm” with is available exclusively from now and worldwide 8/6/2015. Also expect releases from the likes of C-Side, Mystic State, Kolectiv , Red Army, Interline , Cirrus and more . There will probably be one more party after the Summer one in the Autumn .

Kalm: Quality D&B music & Events.


Check out the guy’s release below!!!