I caught up with Mr Chris Inperspective ahead of his next Technicality event on June the 20th….

Hey Chris, After a little break Technicality is returning to London. What do you have planned?

We’re very excited to be back at the Silver Bullet, a club that really reminds me of Herbal (where Technicality Started in 2000).  Hayley and the gang have managed to pull together some amazing promoters for events there so very excited to see what will be with this venue.

It’s been a while yes, our last party was the now legendary “Beat Lover’s Ball” at the Dog Star and we did a little release joint at Rye Wax for Infamy’s Picture disc but that’s been about it in the last 3 or 4 years and that’s mainly been due to my son.  However with releases forthcoming and a renewed attitude and motivation, I wanted to bring the night back to a location similar to where it started and bring it back to the music.  Try and diversify the sounds a little more, maybe take it away from D&B from time to time.  The ethos will always be about quality music played by quality artists and that will certainly continue


Earl Grey and Warsnare are going to be performing live, what can we expect from them?

Earl Grey is one of the country’s best underground D&B artists in my unbiased opinion.  His set’s of music are always very strong with plenty of tough beats and live manipulation.  He’s great fun to watch and a lovely guy to boot (supports Man city though but no one is perfect).  Expect high energy and alot of amens flying around with tough breaks.  Another thing, don’t play him at poker, he’s impossible to read. I don’t think he plays, but if he did he would be amazing.

Warsnare has become a recent friend of mine over the last few years. Based in deptford where there is a growing community of artists, he is one of the driving forces behind Trailer Tv and not only that, he makes breathtaking electronica.  A highly intelligent (and hilariously sarcastic ) individual, he constantly amazes me with his sense of musicality.  He’s already featuring in many a DJ’s “one to watch” list and when people hear his set they’ll see why.  I have no idea what to expect from him!  That’s why I wanted him there, he represents the renewed attitude i spoke about earlier.

Let’s not forget Senses who has been there from the start. He’s one of my best mates and we’re currently working on a release or 2 for Inperspective.

Andy Skopes who many feel is one of the best underground DJ’s in the country.  Just see how much the guy plays out.  He’s incredibly versatile, a diehard Palace Fan ( sorry Bren) and a sickenly nice guy. Anyone that’s met him will testify to that and he’s met alot of people, because he plays out so damn much, the breakbeat whore that he is.

Weights & Changes aka “Big Al” who I do the Inperspective show on Hoxton Fm show with will be bringing his encyclopedic musical knowledge to the fray.  Not only that, he’s an amazing scratch DJ, sometime journo and as I said knows EVERYTHING about quality underground music.  Also, he makes wicked jazz fuelled tapestries that I’m very excited to be releasing some of on the label very soon, watch this space.

Voice MC, Blackeye and Goldenchild will be bringing the vibes on the mic as always. very excited!


And what upcoming plans do you have for Inperspective records?

There’s the last 2 in the series of picture discs (after the monumental Infamy release) from Earl Grey and Andy Skopes, An Earl grey Album, followed by releases from Weights & Changes, Senses, and myself.  On INP:Digital we have the storming release from The Mutants and Kasious, something from about 4 and half years in the future from Giles Appleton (only way I can describe it) and I’m hoping Fox (that’s DJ Fox to you) will finish his EP soon.

Any other gigs we can catch yourself at upcoming?

I’ve got a few, it’s always great to play out so I want to thank all that have booked me in the past and those who will book me in future.

17th July – Secret Location (London)

1st August – Laba Daba Festival (Ratnieki, Latvia)

15th August – Beatz – Bar a Bar (London)

Those who know Technicality know to expect some serious drums, but can you tell us three of your favourite Amen break orientated tracks?

Equinox – Antarctica

Breakage – Trance

Dillinja – Heavenly Bass

Seba – Car Crash (so much better than Shapeshifter Alex)

Dom & Roland – Soundwall VIP

Source Direct – Secret Liaisons

oh sorry you said three…


Off subject a bit, Your footy team Villa we’re totally spanked 6-1 the other day, how many goals do you think you’ll lose the FA cup final by? 😉

(This is referring to Chris’s club, Aston Villa losing to Southampton. Following on from that Villa lost in the FA Cup final 4-0…… Chris has declined to comment on this subject)


Any thing else you’d like to tell us about?

I think Slaven Bilic will ruin West Ham.  Should have stayed with Big Sam (ha! I’m a poet)


haha, we’ll see!