One of my favourite bits that’s landed in the inbox recently is a forthcoming EP by Dramatic on Tempo Records so I decided to catch up with the man himself to find out a bit more…


Hi! thanks for chatting to us today. I’m really liking the new release on Tempo recordings could you tell us a bit about how it came together?

Hi, its the good to hear you are liking the tracks on Tempo. I had been in touch with the guys for a while and really liked their previous releases, real quality and understanding of past and present DnB. It took a while but eventually we agreed upon the three tracks and I’m really pleased to be working with them.


I think ‘Centiminute’ has real summer time a real summertime roller vibe to it, was that the intention?

To be honest no but that’s the great thing about music, it can interpreted differently by everybody. For me Centiminute has an emotional and mysterious vibe to it. I think a lot of my better work is when the music im writing connects with my state of mind. It becomes a more natural production, unforced.


‘Dogs on Redbull’ as the title suggests is the darker of the three tracks! could you tell us a bit more about that?

I was just working on some drums, got them sounding good alone and then couldn’t resist jamming out some basslines. After id programmed bass sound variations, some atmospherics sounds and riffs were added and it ended up to be a really simple but funky stepper. The atmospherics and riffs give off a dark & sinister feel but I think the basslines project a funky, bouncy and energetic feel rather than hallucinogenic hence why its Dog on Redbull rather than Acid.


The vinyl package is also a bit a special?

Times are tough, when demand and sales potentially only just cover the cost of vinyl its understandable why labels don’t focus on presentation and do things as cheap as possible. I think sometimes there is a real lack of empathy towards the financial commitment of artists. It takes financial outlay and time to produce good music. That time spent could be better served doing other things that would generate much more money so its clear that many artists do great work for their love of Drum and Bass. Trust me if it was financial driven I would have stopped years ago.
So yes a label commits finance and time but the artists commitment is often overlooked, and can be projected as doing the artist a favor. Is it business or is it love or is it both but whatever it is, its the same for both the artist and label.

So, small rant over because having said all that what I see from the Tempo crew is the adverse as they have a real love for Dnb, for vinyl. ( BIG UP ) Care & effort is taken with the whole presentation and they work well with the artists to ensure its great project for all involved. These are the type of labels I love to work with. If they are financially successful or not I have no idea but what I can say is that they have a positive influence on the scene and the artists. Labels like these ensure that artists continue making Drum & Bass, and people get a nice piece of vinyl for their collection. We do have to remember that with no music there is no scene, we’ll end just rejoicing and celebrating past achievements.


Can you tell us a few artists you are feeling in the world of Dnb right now?

With not Djing I’m not really not that up to speed with whats hot. But.. im liking new bits from Calibre ( obviously ), LSB, Paul T & Ed Oberon & Spectrasoul and Random Movement. Looking forward to checking Marky’s new album too.


Any other releases from yourself in the pipeline?

Ive got a release on LDmusic with dbAudio & Arp1 called Blessing and Stormtrooper. A number of releases with Liquid V, on a 12″ and on forthcoming compilations.

My main focus has been on my album which is in good shape but now has actually turned into two albums. Both are quite different and will end up on different labels.
Keep in touch.


And how about upcoming gigs?

Zero haha – I actually never get asked or if I do they want me to travel the country or globe and do it for free. I often spare them of the favor.
In all honesty I could do a lot more to get gigs but my focus is on production currently.
But as much as I love making music my background is Dj’ing. I had my 1210’s 25 years ago and still have them but do find that I have to wrestle myself away from producing to go on them nowadays.
I think once the albums are ready I’ll be looking to do some promo tours.


Pre-order the EP here