A while back I had the pleasure of speaking with Citrus. Huge shout to Marco for this…


In your words, tell us about Citrus records?

Citrus started 15 years ago as a necessity. We weren’t getting any support from people outside of Holland, especially the UK. We knew we were working on some serious sounds that would be hugely appreciated by people around the world. Soon after our first releases we started to get support from a lot of DJ’s and producers from all over Europe. We had a big following in France, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium. The primary goal of the label is to release serious music by serious producers, neuro inspired with heavy basslines and strong rolling beats. We always try to sign big and respected names, while also using our space to introduce new and upcoming producers.

Back in the day we used to support all the fresh young talent that needed a bit of support to get noticed. This included the very first releases from Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Jade and Mindscape. Even a guy called Rido appeared on our releases in a very early stage in his career. As time progressed we discovered new artists like Paimon & Place 2 B. We released several singles and a full album before they turned into the neuro powerhouse now known as Teddy Killerz. Another example is a producer such as Mefjus. By giving him his first vinyl releases I definitely think we helped launch his career. The first releases by Fourward, who later signed an exclusive deal with Shogun, also came from us.

Nowadays Citrus is moving forward on this same path. We are currently spending all our time on promoting a couple of talented producers like Soligen & Type 2, Sustance and Malsum and Krone. Their production is spot on, warm and big basslines, powerful drums, that’s what Citrus is all about. Again we’re supporting them with vinyl releases as we have faith that they will grow big over time as well.


15 years in the scene for a record label is some achievement, what have been your highlights? Do you have any plans to celebrate this?

There have been many highlights, some personal and some that have to do with the distribution or labels involved. Obviously the very first tune where I was involved as a producer is something I’m still very proud about


One of the biggest 12’’ records we ever did with Triple Vision was LOVE001, a sneaky bootleg project which originally was meant to be a Citrus release. In the end we decided to release it as an unknown artists production with a new catalog number and it ended up in the record bag of all the established DJ’s at the time: Pendulum, Fabio, Grooverider, Hype, etc

A person I’m also very proud of is Jade and the way he developed his Eatbrain imprint. If you look closely into his artist roster and releases you will see that he is actually doing what we did years back. The difference is that he’s just taking it to the next level in a very professional way pushing this kind of Neuro sound and message.

On a more emotional Level there is CITRUS022 by the late Desimal. I don’t even want to go into details here but for those who are interested search for it on google and you will find out what happened. This release was the actual physical manifestation of some seriously heavy shit and I played that tune where ever I went just to show some respect to the man who produced it.

Celebrating the 15 year anniversary is something we haven’t really gotten our heads around yet. At some point we’ll surely do something but I don’t think it’s going to be this year. We need some time to get this organised and the work for Triple Vision never stops.


What can we expect from you in 2015, future projects that you can talk about ?

Like always we’ll continue to look for new talent and developing new projects and releases.

With Citrus we are currently laying low as the label is part of a much bigger organisation with a hand full of labels, of which Fokuz Recordings and Celsius Recordings are probably the most well known. Obviously we’ll continue to put out releases with Citrus and the sublabels like Disturbed or Syndrome Audio. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing in order to develop the next. We’ve been making some major steps with the distribution which eventually will benefit our own labels like Citrus, Fokuz, etc as well. Best to keep an eye out on our social media pages to see what we’ll bring in the next couple of months.


In a scene that is sometimes divided, as a Label, having sub-genres is that always a positive thing?

I never really bother so much about genres and sub genres. To me it’s all about the music. I enjoy all forms of Drum & Bass as long as it makes your body move. All that matters is originality, quality production and some form of unity within all the signings that I realise. I’ve always loved releasing all kinds of flavours on the label and I never bother if it’s ‘true’ Neuro, hard enough or commercial enough. One of our latest releases by Soligen & Type 2 isn’t your typical Neuro as well but it fits my philosophy of the label, even though not everybody always seems to grasp that. To me every release fits, is connected and has its place in the entire spectrum of what I see as the Citrus flavor and it has worked out perfectly so far.


Finally, what is next on the release schedule for Citrus?

We are currently preparing a release with Forren & Kemo. Forren is one of those extremely talented producers that we’re very excited about to have on board. He’s very diverse and you will see him appearing on some of our other labels too. There’s a new single planned by Krone & Malsum which is actually getting released as a LTD edition vinyl disc. I think it’s lovely and it will take us right back to early 2000 when the Neuro sound was at its best. The next vinyl release we have planned is a single from Soligen, Type 2, Skyweep and Impish. It’s all about the UK meets Russia! Watch out for the audio appearing online soon. Other than that I would watch out for releases by Sustance and Bios Destructions, we have some crazy stuff forthcoming and they’re destined to go big. Mark my words.