We recently heard some beats from Cutworks and this is what he had to say…


Firstly tell us a little about yourself, who you are, where you’re at and you as an Artist?

Well, Hi! My name is Maxim. I’m a Drum & Bass producer and DJ under nickname Cutworks. I’m living in a small city near Moscow which is called Zheleznodorozhny.


Hailing from Russia, there are some very talented producers making beats right now. Sum up some of the Scene for us, which producers to look out for, which labels etc?

Yeah, actually we have a big scene here in Russia. But our country is too big, can’t know about everyone. I don’t know  many hehe. A lot of guys like Enei, Bop & Abstract Elements, Electrosoul System, Teddy Killerz, Receptor, Eastcolors, Command Strange (I know he is from Kazakhstan, but now living in St. Petersburg), Intelligent Manners, Paperclip got some big support from far beyond the homeland. Also we have a few producers who are n the rise! They doing well at the moment and their music is so great, so watch them carefully – Mr. Frenkie, Brain Crisis, Impish, Skyweep, Contract Killers & Lowriderz as well. We have a few labels like Occulti Music, Kos.Mos. Music and Paperfunk Recordings which always release a quality Drum & Bass!


Your latest offering on Nextgen, the Soulroot EP. It’s a good EP, how did it come about?

Well, once i sent a couple of tracks to Daniel (owner of Nexgen) for my next single. These was very old actually. Once “Soulroot” was signed for Good Looking back in 2008 for example. Anyhow the track wasn’t released. And second tune was my experiment with downtempo electronic. So Dan just ask me about another couple and then we thought to do an EP. I still think that “Soulroot” is the most succesfull on this EP, because it was made in an era when such liquid funk was very popular.


I understand you DJ and your resident for one of Moscow’s radio stations, can you tell us about that?  or the Scene in Moscow in general?

Well, I was invited by my old pal Tony Take to make a brand new Drum & Bass show called “Luch” on our Moscow radiostation called Megapolis 89,5 FM. In English “Luch” means “beam” or “ray” 🙂 We present the best dance substyles of modern drum & bass. We speak about russian and international scene as well. We invite artists to take the guest mix and interview them. In the few past shows we had Naibu and Dj Trax for example. Radiostation have a large audience in Moscow and Moscow region. So we’re really happy.


I believe you have another project, Aftermoon. Can you tell us a little about that?

Yeah it was about 5 years ago. I’ve released on Tube 10 Recordings with couple Dubstep tunes. The question is “should I make music under this name in future?”… I think it’s not necessary. More names more mess.


What else will 2015 hold in store for you, what releases have you coming out? What events can people catch you at?

Who knows haha. If serious, I have a few unsigned tunes. Now i’m preparing some collabs with Eastcolors, Electrosoul System and Skyweep. Also you can hear me every tuesday from 9-10 PM GMT on megapolisfm.ru in Luch Radioshow. I guess we’ll start our “Luch Takeover” parties in near future. So watch the space 😉


Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

Believe yourself, use the hardware and love vinyl!