I recently got to catch up with Spirit ahead of his and Digital’s awesome new release on Metalheadz


Easy, Its great to see you guys back releasing on headz, could you tell us a bit about how the new tracks came together?

Wolf started out from a loop that Digital created and only only one sound from it remains, haha. There’s a good example of how something can be sparked off by the smallest thing as long as it has a vibe, then transformed into something completely different hours later! Mosquito was back and forth but I suppose it’s basically some of our favourite breaks working with each other and we got it sounding really chunky. Spiral actually began in the middle of another track and was built around the the main synth sequence. All together they make for a really solid E.P.

A lot is always said about the ‘’Metalheadz sound’ what comes to your mind when you think Metalheadz?

A sound in itself? I don’t know. There was always a lot of individuality whether it was Dillinja, Hidden Agenda, Alex Reece or Doc Scott and that’s continued over the years. Generally I think of the blueprint set in those early days of boundaries being pushed. The individuality is still there as it can go from Ulterior Motive to Fracture to Lenzman to Om Unit and the spectrum is even wider now.

What have been your personal favorite Headz releases?

VIP Drumz above all… I waited so long for that to come out! Warning, Angels Fell, PulpFiction… lots from those early years. If i picked something from recently, Lost Contact.

When it comes to workflow do you find it better to collaborate?

Things generally come together quickly when we collaborate. It’s nice to also have someone else operating the controls sometimes. I quit smoking nearly 2 years ago as well so even quicker these days as I’m not running off for a cig break every hour or so!

What do you think makes your styles work so well together?

Maybe because we have different influences but common denominators. We both came into breakbeat/hardcore/dnb from different places but we know what we like within it and it’s very similar so we can draw on all of that and bring it together. We also started out at a similar time so we’ve grown up with the same technology over the years. While we have a lot more at our fingertips now, our methods are still probably quite old school to some degree.

You’ve also both been pretty busy with solo stuff recently. Could you tell us a bit about that?

I’m enjoying making music more than I have done in a while.. There’s been a release for Warm Communications, one of the tracks surprisingly making it onto the Hospitality 2015 LP, I relaunched Inneractive early this year, Blu Mar Ten just released a track called ‘Life Goes On’  and the response to it all has been great. I moved house recently so I’ve been getting used to a new sound and environment but there’s more solo work recently completed as well as collaborations with other artists.

And what do you have on the Horizon for the rest of 2015?

Honestly, there’s so much incomplete stuff that it’s probably best not to say too much until it all gets finished. A photo was posted of us with Total Science in the studio so that’s become common knowledge and the project keeps growing, haha..  We have one side of the next Phantom Audio release complete and hopefully will be close to finishing it by the time you read this. There’s also something else pretty big on the horizon but that probably won’t be for a little while yet so it’ll remain quiet until it’s confirmed.


Pre-order ‘The Wolf’ here