Nu:sounds spoke with one these guy’s, a little while back. Keep an eye and ear out for them…doing good things!!

Firstly tell the readers about Co:lateral?

We are a south coast based trio making primarily drum and bass but also experimenting with other genres and bmps. We have been working on music together for about a year now and are comprised of 2 DJs/ producers (Ant & Kraig) and an MC (Joe) and we all work on the production. We have just put out our first release with Flexout Audio and we are currently working on a tonne of new music which we hope will see the light very soon.


Your recent release on Flexout Audio was really good, how did that come about?

When we made the tunes we got a positive feedback from friends that we played them to but decided to keep them offline as we hadn’t set up any social media or out let for them. We slowly circulated them when we were completely happy with what we had down and before we knew it Toe Tagger appeared in a Critical Music podcast (big ups Klax). Shortly after that we had an offer from Tom (Retraflex) to release them with Flexout. We love the vibe of the label and the variety of drum and bass they release so had no doubts they were the right home for the tunes.


I recently caught a set down the last Flexout Audio night, was really impressed with the selection. Is this something we can expect a lot from Co:lateral?

Thanks, glad you had a good time, we sure did! Of course we want to play out as much as possible, as any artist does. The DJ/ MC combo in the group gives us a chance to really work on pre planned sets so we both know what each other is doing and can structure things better for maximum impact. We are off to Horizon Festival in Bulgaria this weekend supporting Om Unit and Ant TC1 at the Metalheadz night. Feeling very privileged to be there!


Are there any future projects you can share with us at Nu:sounds?

As we said we are working on a tonne of projects at the moment. Some have been bubbling away for a quite a while now so the focus for us when we get back from Horizon Festival is to finish them all off and make sure they get released cohesively. We will have our debut EP with Flexout hopefully tied up very soon and we have been discussing some ideas with another couple of labels which we will keep tight lipped on for now.


Finally, anything you want to add?

Thanks for chatting to us, big ups to everyone reading this and supporting our music!

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