Dutch producer Fre4knc has to be one of the most exciting producers to hit the scene recently, grabbing the attention of labels Like Dispatch and Vision. He had a new single drop this week on Plasma Audio so we caught up with him to find out more..


Hey thanks for speaking to us today, You’ve been building a nice catalog of releases recently but for those new to Fre4knc could you give us a bit of an overview of your sound?

Heya! Well that’s always hard to describe for myself. But I think it’s quite moody, dark, clean (I hope) and detailed. Some are for the dancefloor, others are more experimental. I like it both. I released most of my tracks on Samurai Music, Noisia’s Invisible Recordings and Dispatch Recordings. That’s saying something about my sound as well I guess?


How did the name Fre4knc come about, I bet it still causes confusion?!

Around the year 2000 I started playing as a DJ and I was searching for an artist name. Around the same era I visited loads of d&b events all across NL. Cause I knew all the tracks, released and unreleased, they called me a “freak”. As I also like the lower frequencies a lot, I added the “n” and “c” after freak. If you pronounce “Freaknc” quickly you can hear something close to “frequency”. The “4” is just for an “a”, technology speak you know! 😛 It has its pros and cons. Some see it directly, some don’t, and when they don’t get it, most of them will think about it, which can’t be a bad thing. It still fits my sound though as I’m trying to make some freaky music and I still love the basssss.


Can you name a few of your favorite Dnb artists?

DLR, Amoss, Noisia, Skeptical, Clarity, Break, Hybris, Disprove, to name a few. These guys are always delivering. And I also have my eyes on Signal, great talent!


You have a very tight and clean sound to your tracks, how to you go about writing a new track?

Thank you, that’s my goal for sure! I think my major thing is that I’m quite perfectionistic. I can easily work for 3 hours to get (f.a.) the mid-bass sound like I want, and to get it just right in the mix. Further I’m always looking for the brightest sounds in samples and plugins. And further: EQ-ing, EQ-ing and EQ-ing. The average time I work on a track is around 3 full weeks, so that is saying something as well I guess…


Your next release is on Plasma audio, could you tell us a bit about the tracks?

“Chain of Command” is actually an older track which I made just before “Cardiome”. I always liked it, but it never got a release. When Plasma asked me to release it I refurbished it A LOT and now I’m even happier with the result. There are loads of stabs and mid-basses which are “question-answer-ish”, so that’s where the track-name is coming from.

I made “Sinjek” in a personal dark period, which you can hear a bit I guess. I really had to get my mind straight so I started this project. Sometimes its really refreshing to make something moody and deep, instead of the more standard rollers which I make more often.. I totally got into the vibe and finished it in a couple of days (instead of 3 weeks). Dark periods are great for inspiration. I’m happy geezer now by the way, so don’t worry! 😀


Any further releases lined up this year?

I released quite a lot the last couple of months, but I have something lined up for Invisible Recordings, Dispatch and I’m working on an EP for another big label which I can’t tell anything more about yet (super secret 007 stuff). Further I’m collaborating a lot with Amoss at the moment, which is working great. No idea what will happen with these though!

You’ve also been playing some pretty big gigs with the likes of Noisia amongst others, do you have more lined up?
You can see me at Patronaat, Haarlem, NL this Friday, Rotterdam and Cologne in May, more Noisia Invites gigs, and I think there’s also an Australia tour coming up! More info about that soon.

Chain Of Command / Sinjek Dropped this week on Plasma Audio