It appears that the strength of Drum & Bass is not about to wane, these are my picks of whats been sent out recently and there are some serious tracks here…


Replicant – Times up [System Shock]

I am huge fan of Callide’s System Shock and this track typifies why. Replicant’s Times up is pure fire and is sure to tear up the dance. Any track using a tearing Amen is going to be well received by me. That said this track has many more flavours. Times up, starts with the Amen and drops into a serious banger, with influences from the old school and including a lovely old school Piano breakdown. From start to finish an all out assault on your senses!!! If you haven’t yet heard of System Shock, check them out.


Spirit – Life goes on/107 [Blu Mar Ten Music]

2 deeper tracks here on BMTM. Life goes on, is a rhythmically hypnotic track, still retaining an element of uplift in its vibe. The flavour of the track has Electro, steppy beats and a rolling bassline. 107 however, is my favoured track. Again the percussion on this track is great, deep vibes here. A rolling atmospheric track, with sparse dashes of Techy Basslines makes this a really good deep roller.


Primal Instinct ft MC AMG – Bloodshot/Lockdown [Big Riddim recordings]

It’s often easy to head straight for the well know artist’s when checking my inbox, but if that’s all I did I wouldn’t find gem’s like this. Primal Instinct have crafted 2 Tech bangers, these beats are right up my street. The title track is the better for me. Bloodshot is a heavy Tech beast,full of energy and fire. Lockdown ft the vocals of MC AMG, again is another Tech outing. Heavy Bass and soundscapes, lovely switches on the Bass as it progresses. This for me is why love D&B, finding tunes like this when I didn’t expect it. Check it out.


Reso – Ricochet LP [Hospital]

Ever since I heard War Machine, Reso has been someone I rate. I am really pleased that his debut LP is worth the wait. 12 varied and well produced tracks, spanning the down tempo, Deep, Liquid styles through to bangers. Stand out tracks for me are, Taiga, Ricochet the Blob and Move it. Taiga is a excellent Deep roller, Ricochet is pure Tech, The Blob which is getting a great response is a peak time banger. With all that said, my pick is Move it. Aptly named this is a D&B onslaught, pounding Drums and heavy Bass. This is an excellent LP, all the tracks are high quality and there will be something you like within it.


Keeno – Preludes EP [Med School]

Keeping with the Hospital/Med School link, we have a new EP from Keeno. Let me just say right now, you need this EP. There has to be a track you love on it!!! The timing of this couldn’t be better, as I got the promo it was a glorious Sunny day in London. This EP captures that feeling perfectly. 4, blissful Liquid tracks. Each excellent in its own right but the collaboration with Whiney- Dignity found is my choice of the EP. This EP captures the emotive, uplifting new style Liquid that has so many excellent uplifting vibes, it’s hard not to smile when listening. Of all the releases I have received and reviewed for this Month, this is the stand out for me. Pure Spring/Summer vibes, roll on the Festivals.


Machine Code – Airlock EP [Subsistenz]

Right now, these guys are making some of the most cutting edge sounds. Dean Rodell & Current Value make up Machine Code. This EP, is not just an average collection of bangers, it’s more akin to a precise cutting tool, like a scalpel. Everything about this EP has quality, bundles of energy and relentless power. Needless to say, I love it! In particular Airlock, it’s just huge! Heavy, Electro tinged vibes, setting the pace of the EP. The other tracks are equally good, all high energy styles of Drum & Bass. The Bass on these tracks needs to be heard loud, complex and uncompromising. These Berlin based guys right now are the cutting edge sound of D&B.


Concord Dawn – Gum Shoe EP [Uprising]

More upfront sounds this time from the one like Concord Dawn. Another 4 track EP, a Colab with Need for Mirrors and were good to go. Dark, energetic tracks make up this EP. Colourless has old school vibes, Dark, Brooding and Sparse. Gum Shoe has an early Tech sound, brought up to date and laced with a Techno sound, used to good effect. Zipper Ripper, has that Electro, Techno vibe this time with added Trance like uplift. The pick of the EP though, is the collaboration between Concord Dawn and Need for Mirrors. Reverse, encapsulates both of their sounds. Creating a high energy roll out, with exceptional production. A perfect crossover for both the headz & peak time crowd.


L 33 – Scream EP [Eatbrain]

Time for another Eatbrain release, this time the madness is created by L 33. If you’re not familiar with Eatbrain and it’s unique Neuro sound, this EP is the perfect introduction. Complete bedlam in Drum and Bass form! Eatbrain are a label that I always look forward to hearing, L 33 has done the imprint proud. 4 outrageous Neuro tracks, the best of which is the title track, Scream. Scream is just full on madness, building throughout into the euphoric breakdown. Which leads into the 2nd drop, which is even fiercer!! Each of the tracks are well made, have that fire that Eatbrain demands but with L 33 it also has some more intelligent styles, as with Oscillation. If you like the D&B to bring on some form of mental breakdown, this is for you!


Xtrah – The Existence EP [Cyberfunk]

When a new label comes along and it’s getting the hype, it’s always reassuring when it lives up to it. Cyberfunk, Xtrah’s new label, does exactly that. Xtrah has compiled a 4 track EP, with a little help from Simple Technique and Break. 4 excellent tracks, 2 by Xtrah, a colab with the legend that is Break and as previously stated, Simple Technique holding their own. If this EP is anything to go by and Xtrah’s vision for the label, we can all expect big fucking things! Each track is excellent, this is serious D&B for the headz. Simple Technique deserves special mention for their track Cold Steppin, which is a strong track. But the general consensus is that Operator is the big tune, I totally agree!


VA – Blendits 10 (Blendits Audio)

If you haven’t already got to know the Blendits Audio imprint, now is as good a time as any. This EP is a real showcase for them. With some of the real talent within the scene on top form. Featuring the likes of Chromatic, Bredren and Philth to name a few. This is a serious Headz EP, if its even an EP!! Expect serious Techy vibes and rolling vibes. Each track is worth checking from Chromatics huge roller Inertia, Bredren’s deep rolling style on Passing period and the effervescent funky Le Tricolore by Chromatic & J Daure. The accolade of tune of the release this time goes to the Collaboration of Bredren & Philth. Ghost Town Palace is an beautifully haunting Bass heavy roll out. A must for the headz.