Here at Nu:sounds we’re big fan’s of the Teddy killerz and their latest offering on the Ram imprint prompted a little Q&A with them…


Firstly can you tell us about Teddy killerz, who are you and how did you come to be?

Paimon: We are three guys from Russia & Ukraine. Two of us are formerly known as Place 2b & Paimon. Later we met Garud at one of the parties we attended & we had this idea to launch a new project under one name.


I love your tracks, you have released on some of my favourite labels in Eatbrain, Program and Bad Taste. After the Big Blow EP, I suspected Ram was next. How do you feel about this accomplishment?

Garud: We are feeling really good 🙂 It was long journey and it looks like we finally found a home.


How does signing exclusively for Ram affect you in real terms, either in pressure, expectations or limitations even?

Garud: It doesn’t affect us negatively at all. We were always giving ourselves deadlines, so that we had self-control. Our first single “Teddynator” got huge support from the label and everyone working with Ram. It’s cool to know that your work is appreciated and heard by so many people.


Ram for me personally, are having an amazing start to 2015. Your latest offering is adding to that and in particular Endlessly is serious tune. What can we expect from you during 2015 and beyond?

There will be definitely be one or two more EPs from us. Plus a bunch of collaborations and remixes. You want to hear something special, right? So it takes quite a lot of time. But that’s our goal now – moving to an album step by step.


Be sure to check the tracks out and if your feeling them, show them some love and support them.