Really feeling Xanadu and his beats, Nu:sounds caught up with him…

Firstly tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Xanadu and I’ve been making beats in my bedroom for a few years now. I had my first official release at the beginning of this year which was an LP called “through the Oort Clouds” on Dom & Roland’s label which i’m really stoked about! I’m influenced by a whole range of drum and bass across the spectrum, from the hard stuff to the minimal stuff so hopefully there’s something for everyone on the album! There were two launch gigs for the release, one in Brixton with the Flexout crew which was rowdy haha big up! and another in Linz in Austria with the Bass Invadaz crew which was massive!


Your LP on Dom & Rolands label, is getting excellent feedback. How does that feel and tell us a little about the LP?

Ye, it’s great man! The LP has had some great reviews and lots of feedback from big names, so I’m really happy with how it’s been received. Dom said that it’s almost sold out! so if you want a copy be quick there’s only a handful left haha. One particular review from One Hour One Dj had me in stitches and made me really proud of what I made. And really happy that people are enjoying it!

The LP has a bit of a conceptual slant with the name referring to the voyager satellite’s journey through space, in keeping with the sci-fi influenced sounds I like! It has come about after about 2 years of work on it. Taking things back and forth from Dom’s studio and a lot of changing things here and there. Dom had to really push me at the beginning to up my production skills and develop my sound, setting a really high bar which at first was really daunting, I thought oh god i’m never gunna make anything good enough haha. Slowly but surely things started sounding better each time I came back to the studio. I tried to make sure there was a lot of variety on the LP, keeping each track quite different and trying not to ever reuse any sounds throughout. It was really good working on the album, having that end goal of a full length really pushes you to think outside of each individual track and how your sound is coming together as a whole as well. Also the satisfaction of having an LP under your belt is great! However now the pressure is on to make something better haha.


With that said, what does the Future hold for Xanadu?

I’m working on more releases for Dom at the moment, I want to make something quite heavy for the DJ’s next, I’m making a tune with an Austrian guy at the moment who goes by the name of Phentix, and it’s sounding quite heavy so that might be the one! Check out his stuff, he’s worked with the likes of TR Tactics and he’s a really good producer. I met him when I played the album launch over in Linz, and we hung out for a day and got to work on a beat. Me and Dom might start something together when he’s got a bit of time too, he’s quite a busy man though so that might not come about for a while, but it’s definitely on the cards. Also i’ve been chatting to Quartz who has a few bits signed to 117 and DSC14 lately and getting on a track with him too. He’s got some absolutely killer stuff to come out!


I recently caught you down Flexout Audio, any other events coming up we should know about?

Ye that Flexout party was wicked! There’s a night up in Liverpool on the 10th April where i’m supporting Amoss at the Camp & Furnace for a Sessions Faction x 100th Monkey night which will be sick! I’ve seen videos from the venue and it looks wicked. Anyone heads in and around Liverpool should defo get on that one! Other bookings seem to be in the organizing stages still, so not much detail to give yet really, but it’s good to see the bookings picking up after the release, and I look forward to traveling around to places I’ve not been before to play!

This LP is one to check out if you haven’t already done so. Really excellent D&B. Check the links and see what you think.