Deeper Vision is a New York based label who as the name suggests concentrate on the deeper side of drum and bass. I caught up with label heads Anthony and Ted to find out a bit more about them…


Hi Guys thanks for speaking to us today, could you start by giving us a bit of background on how the label came together and the idea behind

Ted: Deeper Vision Recordings came together in 2012, we had been experimenting playing events and releasing a wide variety of music, and wanted to create a label that would release music across a spectrum of different sounds, yet still to have a distinct style and voice inspired by the deeper elements in electronic music.

Would you class yourself as a liquid Dnb label?

Ted: Liquid is one of the main influences in Deeper Vision especially in terms of the instruments and atmospheres you would hear in liquid dnb, but we are not limited to anyone style.

Which releases have been your biggest so far?

Ted: The latest release, Deeper Vision Remixed Vol.2 was our biggest release so far, because it really capture our labels feel, this time spanning the soundscape of dnb, with some really talented remixers such as Random Movement, Dramatic, MSDOS, Duoscience, Ji Ben Gong, and many more.


And you have some pretty big released scheduled for 2015?

Anthony: We have some really big releases coming out in 2015.  We have a remix EP which includes remixes of Alchemical State a collab I did with Ted. The EP will include remix’s from BCee, Zero T, MSDOS and Tremah to name a few.  Also,we have an album from GGoodei coming out which includes all new productions from Ted. Also, I’m putting the finishing touches of an EP of my own. And keep an eye out for an EP that focuses on Ragga and Roots inspired Drum and Bass as well.

You also have an event over there planned, tell us a bit about that?

Anthony: We are very excited April 24th we are hosting the mighty MSDOS for his first US appearance here in New York City.  The event will also feature Dave Shichman, Ted Ganung, myself and GGoodei. The other amazing thing about this night is that it features all Deeper Vision artists.

How strong would you say the dnb scene is over there?

Anthony: I’ve been involved with Jungle/Drum and Bass since mid 90’s and I would say that here in the States their are more events than ever especially here in New York city.  You have crews like Direct Drive, Natural Selection and BP2 consistently bringing over some of the biggest names in Drum and Bass. I would say as a whole the scene is stronger than ever here in the States.


Are you taking demos for the label and if so how can producers get in touch?

Ted: Although we keep a somewhat tight roster, looking for artists we can work with long term, we are always happy to receive demos and producers can e-mail us at


Thanks guys