This coming Tuesday I’ve been asked to come down and play a set at Evolution Drum and Bass in central London, so  I thought it would be cool to catch up with Kris, one of the organisers of the event to find out a bit more about it


Hi Kris, for those who have not checked out Evolution yet could you give us an overview about the idea behind it?

It’s simple. Drum n bass on a Tuesday night. Each and every Tuesday night. For those who know and those willing to learn

How did the night come together?

Great minds think alike. Phil(Source) & Gavin(Nookie) are key players in the scene. But they are still in love with D&B. Angie, the lady of the company,cant live without D&B. Just approached them and the rest is history. Evolution is on.We are evolving. Of course nothing would have happened if it wasn’t for Pawel, the manager of the venue.
We owe this guy a lot.

The mid-week drum and bass night seems to be making a big comeback in general, what would you put that down to?

Its more intimate, nice vibe, Elder crowds.,Dj’s playing extended sets. Its a school day so if you are there you know your music. Plus makes the week go by easier.


You seem to have a good balance of big name and new DJs to the scene?

Basically its because Gavin & Phil. Those 2 guys before going big they started low.So they know exactly how it feels to get your chance behind the decks. We are not elitists. You don’t have to be a renowned DJ or a producer to play at Evolution. If you can lay down a proper set,then most likely you will get a slot. Of course we have our favourites.
Randall, Dj Storm, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, Fabio, A Guy Called Gerald, Mc GQ, Cleveland Watkiss, Dj Ink, Digital, Zero T, Utah Jazz, Paul T & Edward Oberon, Mark System, Furney, Visionobi, Collette Warren, to name few…
Old school flavas with a new school style. We are blessed to have them around on regular basis.

The venue in Piccadilly circus is also pretty unique?

The venue is nice, central, Easy to reach, Reasonable prices for West End. Wasn’t here back then but as I hear West End was the centre back in the days. People still talk about Movement, Swerve, even Speed all taking place in the West End. Hopefully we will play a little role and try our best of course to bring that vibe back.
At this point not to forget to mention Dj Bailey and his bi-weekly night ‘Soul In Motion’ at the Edition Hotel.
Great venue and even better line ups. Definitely worth checking.

Could you tell us a bit about the next line-up?

For our next party we are welcoming Ray Keith,alongside Ant TC1, Phil Source as a resident, and the night will be hosted by GQ. Dont think that further introductions are needed for these guys. Intro and outro duties by DJ Dino and yourself sir (I hope you know how to mix,hahah).
Back up vocals by Rassa.
As you suggested before.
Evolution is all about combining the old with the new.

Haha don’t worry I can just about beat match! Anything else you’d like to add?

Evolution is all about the love of Drum & Bass. That punter at the end saying thank you on repeat for the great night he just had, That’s the best reward. Having strangers telling you to keep on doing what you are doing because its good. No politics involved.We are really not interested. Back in the days was Peace,Love,Unity,Respect.
Why not again?


For info and updates on Evolution check:

Thanks Kris, we’ll see you on Tuesday