After hearing their current release on Kill Tomorrow we thought we should have a chat with these guys. I present Rune & Kaiza…

Firstly, for those who may not know, can you tell us a little about about yourselves?

Well, we are some of those German guys who wasted their youth and were hanging around at dnb parties. Now that we are getting old and have serious problems with spending nights in clubs, we were thinking it is a good idea to make some tracks. It is way better for our Health, you know. After living the lifestyle of a dnb head for nearly twenty years, making a lot of weird experiences, we are interested in focussin on making Music. Rune is concentrating mainly on his own shit and not making a big deal out of promoting himself, or being a public person too much anyways. Kaiza is still running T3K Recordings and refuses to put it down (although having a small label is a crazy thing to do, nowadays).


When you work together on a collaboration, how does that differ from working on solo projects? Which do you prefer?

We both really are into working with the other one and so we focus on our team projects (Rune + Kaiza and our new one called Instinkt). We are not really into solo tracks. We maximize quality by contributing ideas.


I love the Darker D&B, your forthcoming release on Kill Tomorrow combines that edge with some really good vibes. Is it hard to get the balance right?

Erm, to be honest: no That’s just what we do.


How long does a project like this EP take to come together?

It depends on workflow and distraction but usually the basic idea takes some hours. Some more hours to get variations done and about another session to have a main structure. After all that, some sessions needed to do additional details and finishing touches. I would say it takes about 3 to 5 days. But not in a row as our ears need other input in the meantime. Some tracks come easy, others are a pain in the arse. You all know the score…


What can we expect from you in 2015?

Filth. We formed a new project called INSTINKT and we are working hard on collabs with Audio Habitat, Kryptomedic, Bowsar and Immersion (to name a few). Expect releases via Ammunition Recordings, Automate, Kill Tomorrow, Transmission Audio, Disturbed and T3K Recordings in the next months.


The guy’s current release on Kill Tomorrow is out now, as reviewed by me, check it out!