So it’s that time again, the best D&B to land in my inbox. Some absolute tunes in this, with a contender for best of 2015…

DRS – The View Ft LSB & Tyler Daley/Count to Ten Ft Enei(VIP) [Soul:R]

2015 is going to be a strong year and this one will be amongst it for best track of the year I am sure. DRS on the rise, working with LSB and the excellent vocalist Tyler Daley. The View is quite simply a sublime Liquid roller of ridiculous quality. In all likelihood the track is already well cemented in many of your minds and rightly so. The flip is a remix of the fantastic Count to Ten. Getting the VIP treatment and really doesn’t need any introduction. You need this.


Safire – Deep Architect Ft Morph/Shinobi [SGN:LTD]

Actually received very late last month but the link wasn’t up!! Safire creating an intelligent Neuro track. Don’t think that because I use the word intelligent that it doesn’t bang, it really does! Plenty of futurescape sounds, into a full on Neurofunk drop. Shinobi, from the off letting you know this is gonna drop heavy. Heavy Mechanised vibe, dropping into another excellent Neuro steppy track, which builds nicely. Worthy of your hard earned cash.


Friction Vs Vol 2 – Crucifix Vs Icicle/Floating frames Vs Technimatic [Shogun]

The second in the series, see’s Friction team up with both Icicle and Technimatic. Crucifix, has Icicle’s trademark nondescript beats. Heavy from the outset, you know this will drop. Not disappointing it does drop and loud. Everything about this track is just Heavy. Love the bass in this track, the breakdown only allows respite before the 2nd drop. Complimenting that, Floating frames with Technimatic is the complete opposite. As the title suggests, we have a sublime liquid roll out, plenty of uplifting Bass and dropping into a smile inducing Liquid track. Love this track.


Rune & Kaiza– Telepath EP [Kill Tomorrow]

Keep an eye out for a interview with these guys very soon. This is EP contains 5 tracks all really good. This is a Bass heavy EP, nice variations in the tracks, all really well produced. This would suit the Headz as well as the peak time crew. Telepath is more Techy and minimal, Son of Gaia a proper Neurofunk roll out and Metroid a infectious electro vibe. The stand out tracks for me are Booztr & Hypochonder. Booztr, with its hypnotic wobbly Bass and repetitive beats. Hypochonder is the best of the bunch, pure Neurofunk.


Need for Mirrors & HLZ – Opium Dream EP [Fokuz]

NFM and HLZ teaming up for Fokuz, to produce a simply stunning EP. Massive fan of both, this EP captures their vibes excellently. The beats on this EP are just amazing, another reason I love these guys. Pure Headz wet dream right here. 4 tracks, each with its own flavour. You have to check out the title track. Opium dream is the epitome of a roller. It builds and builds from the intro, dropping into the Bass, pure layers of head nodding Soul in this track. Pinch again, the percussion on this intro, class. 70’s infused sounds drop into a proper rumbling Bassline!!!! Which the lad’s are not content to just let stagnate, they play with it and switch it up.


Telekinesis – Fight Club EP [Blackout MusicNL]

Back to my kinda D&B,  Telekinesis give you a 5 track EP which is going to just rip your ears off and blend your Brain. 5 full on tracks as you would expect, all heavy on the fire and energy. Bias starting with uplifting Trance like feel, dropping into heavy blender Bass. Ft Coppa the title track, Fight club is everything I love about this style of Hard D&B. His bars always compliment this filth, big track. Sleep,  one of the better tracks, just grimy through out with a Bassline that is pure skank. Jab one of the hardest tracks, is relentless entering the nosebleed styles. Bragger is my favourite off the EP, peak time tear out stuff. Not for the feint of Heart and I love it.


VA – Mind Technologies Vol. 4 [Mindtech Recordings]

15 tracks from the Mindtech imprint, a excellent value for money compilation. Not the usual suspects, varying styles and just worth checking out for something a little different. The stand out tracks for me are Stolen by Brain Vertex which has a excellent well used Vocal, Prosthesis by Killer Industries a uplifting Neuro banger to switch the set up, Soul Resonance by Nais a full on Neuro banger and the Last Samurai by Sapphire, a atmospheric tearing roller with plenty of vibes.


Spor – Caligo [BitTorrent]

Spor needs no introduction, taking a break from releasing under the moniker Feed Me, he has released a stunning Album. Not only is this LP great, you can pay what you like for it in essence. This is on my iPod in it’s entirety and is listened to regularly. It has one of my tunes of the year in If you Cry, full on energetic D&B orgasmic vibes!!!!! Another excellent track not to be missed is Full Colour. This steppy track is pure Neuro funk and another amazing track all D&B lovers need, the percussive beats on this just make you wanna have it on the floor. Check the Album, support the Artist and I am sure you will find plenty to love about this LP.


Wilkinson – Hopelessly coping Ft Thabo [Ram]

So to round up the beats, something brand spanking new from the one like Wilkinson. Teaming up with the vocal talent of Thabo, this is what vocal D&B should be like. The production compliments the vocals so well. A melancholy Piano intro, with some heartfelt lyrics and dropping into an Emotive roller. The moment I heard this, I stopped what I was doing and listened to the lyrics and the track in its entirety. For me a personal favorite. Released In