Nu:sounds caught up with Ed:it, hot on the heels of his excellent release on Addictive Behaviour…

Hi Ed can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Yo! Sure thing.

My names Ed Warrener. I produce Drum & Bass under the alias Ed:it. Currently living in Nottingham/UK. I’ve been creating music for around 6 years now. Through the Drum & Bass scene I have had releases on such labels as – SGN:LTD, C.I.A, Hospital Records, Med School, Demand Records & Critical Music. My latest release has been on the Addictive Behaviour imprint with a 3 track EP. Which is out now.

You have already worked with some excellent Producers and Labels, anyone you would like to work with in the Future?

I’d really love to do more remix work in the future. I’ve ever only done a couple in the past. Working on Eastcolor’s ‘Mad Day’ was a lot of fun & moving onto doing something for other labels would be amazing. There’s a few imprints out there i really respect & put out quality music. I would love to work with Sou:R, Shogun Audio, Symmetry or Metalheadz to name but a few. Artists wise there are hundreds. Too many to mention!

Can you let us in on any future plans, is there an LP on the way?

Unfortunately I can’t at this point. I have a few releases lined up for this year though so keep posted 😉

Your current release on Addictive Behaviour is excellent. how did this come about?

It all started via an email from Clayton and Nicky from AB. They were interested in me doing some remix work and the EP just happened. I sent them some unsigned music and they were really keen. Its been great working with the label. They are really on it when it comes down to every aspect of what a label should be doing. Its been a great start for them this year and really hope they go on to achieving big things in the scene.

Finally, what are your current top 5 tracks?

Mark System – Optix

LSB – The View ft DRS

Spectrasoul – Always

DLR & Break – Human error

Roygreen & Protone – Jazzypants

Be sure to check out Ed:it’s latest offering on Addictive Behaviour, 3 fantastic tracks on one of my favorite labels.