We caught up with SKMA after their excellent release Wanderers/Exodus Blue:

Firstly, for those who may not know, can you tell us a little about about yourselves?

We’re a group of mates who were always DJ’ing at the same Drum & Bass events and decided seven years ago to put our heads together and start writing tunes and doing sets together. It initially started as a mixture of Breakbeat, D&B and Dubstep. Fairly soon we had a track picked up and we had our first release as Schema. For the last six years we have worked with Jay Cunning releasing original tracks and remixes on his label Sub Slayers, mainly Jungle influenced Breakbeat music.

The last twelve months has seen us focusing more on Drum & Bass and going back in on the sound that got us DJ’ing, producing, and ultimately working together in the first place, so we’ve undergone a small rebrand with the name change to SKMA and are moving forward with our new projects.

Your current release on Sub Slayers – Wanderers/Exodus Blue, has received some excellent feedback, does that influence your next project at all?

The feedback has been fantastic, it’s both humbling and satisfying to see the music appreciated by names in the scene whose music we’ve been influenced by ourselves over the years.

The current projects we’re working on are all in a similar vein to this release so they will be on the same kind of tip, but yes, the response will certainly be in our thoughts as we’re wrapping up the new material.

What can we expect from you in 2015, future projects or events you can discuss?

We’re working on a couple of remixes at the moment, one of which is for another artist on Sub Slayers, and we have quite a few original pieces of material that are almost ready so we’re hoping for a fairly busy year in terms of releases.

Events wise we’ll be playing at the Jersey Live Festival, BLKOUT Electronic Music Festival, and we have scheduled appearances for promoters TogetherParties at their events over the summer.

What are you views if any on the Scene right now? In particular the apparent divide by genres, does that affect your production at all?

There’s some superb music out there at the moment, especially within the Drum & Bass scene. We’re just focusing on making and playing the best D&B we can, if it ranges in style from time to time then so be it, as long as our music and DJ sets sound great, thats all that really matters.

Finally, anything else SKMA have to add?

We just want to say a huge big up to everyone who has supported us and our music over the last seven years, we really appreciate it and we’re looking forward to a new chapter now. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from us very soon!