Nu:Sounds recently caught up with Coppa. Big shout to you Coppa for a great interview.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us about yourself?

I´m Coppa, real name Marvin. Or Marvin, real name Coppa depends on the time of the day or where I´m at.  A lot of people know me for my work in D&B, but for many years I have been involved in various other types of Music professionally. I am originally from Leeds/Bradford,  kinda of an Eastenders addict, I travel a lot, full time Music workaholic, I have a good sense of humour, allergic to Cats and Horses. I feel blessed that my work has taken me all over the World and has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people. It’s a bonus that I can earn a living from it, I like to enjoy parties before & after I’ve played, and I’m not on Tinder 🙂 


You have already worked with some of the best in Scene, is there anyone you would love to work with?

To be honest, I think the people that I would I love to work with, I’ve either done so already or I’ve never met or heard of yet. I say that because, you never know what it’s like to work or collaborate with somebody, until you´ve actually done it. So your preconceived ideas about someone can actually be different from the reality, when you meet them. Some of my best working experiences have come from working with people I wouldn’t expect we would work well together. Sometimes the magic just clicks and you bounce off & inspire each other. The result of this is always great Music.

Tell us about your forthcoming Album on your own label Comanche, the sampler is out now?

Yep, the sampler came out Monday (23rd Feb)  as a Beatport exclusive. That features collaborations with Borderline & Machine Code (Dean Rodell & Current Value). The two tracks have been getting a lot of support and Love. I really enjoyed working with the guys on those two tracks, they really came through on top form. Big shoutz to Rich, Dean & Tim.

Basically with this LP, I wanted free reign to create an LP that I always wanted to do. Not just one sub-genre of D&B. For the record I’ll put my hand up and say that I’m not a fan of that term, for me Drum and Bass is Drum and Bass. I don’t see genres within our Music to be honest, it’s a shame sometimes how it can become quite segregated. For example I can appreciate a State of Mind track AND a Wilkinson track at the same time,  without my head or soul exploding into flames or turning into dust 🙂 For me if its good Music, its good Music. So that was the focus on this LP – to make good D&B Music, full stop. Also I didn’t want to fall in to the trap of saying for some songs “well this is an album track so it doesn’t have to bang so much” or stuff like that. If I sit down and take time to write a song, then in my mind, I’m gonna try and make it as hard hitting as possible. That’s how I approach a track with the mentality of it’s a single always. So people get the full me in a track combined with the producers, who I have to say really came at it with the same approach.

How do you go about writing, when working on Collaboration? Are producers often looking for a particular vibe?

My writing process is pretty much dependant on the source material or the project, as it’s my full time job it varies a lot sometimes. Most of the time, for the D&B, the producers more often just pass me an idea or instrumental, without any instructions and leave it up to me as far as vibe and subject goes. Which is cool because in this department I’m pretty good at getting in touch with the track and coming up with a concept. Over the years this process has got a lot quicker, often after the first listen of the track I already know how I’m going to approach it and what the lyrics are gonna be about. I enjoy having a blank canvas because it’s always a new challenge for myself, to come up with something different from the last time and fresh. I think there is so many things to talk about, it’s a shame to be restricted to only one or two topics. However when a producer comes with a particular vibe or even a working title, it’s always fun to expand on that and take it to the next level.

Finally, when is the Album dropping? What else can we expect in 2015?

Towards the end of April is the estimated time of departure. Due to the very strict schedule we´re on atm.This year you´ll see quite a few more of the collaborations,  you expect from me, also I will be performing a lot of live PA´s of new material from the LP. I have  some exciting new collaborations on other labels and quite bit more diverse stuff related to my name. I´m really feeling the Neurohop vibe, maybe I’m late on it haha, but yeah some producers contacted me about some track projects that were interesting, so I’m going in a few. Maybe you will see an EP later in the year, who knows 🙂

Thanks for having me on here…. respect on the new site and project!