NSD talks to Forbidden Society about his current LP and uniquely named side project…

For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Henry but predominately known in the Drum & Bass scene as Forbidden Society. I have been Producing and Dj’ing since 1998. Initially I started with Hardcore then progressed into Drum & Bass. Producing is my main focus, but I also run a record label – Forbidden Society Recordings. Away from that I also promote Gigs and Label nights with various guests from the Drum & Bass scene.


I really enjoyed your Throne Crusher LP, what was the idea behind your 2nd LP?

Thank you! Well the idea was to do something different, that people would not expect. I wanted to create different styles for the LP. I used different moods/vibes which told a story that is behind the whole album. The graphics were also really influential. I feel I should mention that Benjamin Louis, from Paris was behind that influence. The design was so strong that it influenced the whole LP. This makes it an important part of this release, it too has a story to tell. I spent almost 2 years creating this whole project. When you put so much effort and time into a release, it’s hard not to have large piece of your personality in it. I spent a lot of time on each tune on the release, from creation to mixing down. Because of this it took some time, lots of effort and energy. That said it was worth it, from the good responses I have received so far, which is really satisfying. It won’t be to everyone’s liking which I understand.

Any future projects, either from yourself or your label you think we should know about?

Well I am working already on the next release, this is not going to be a LP, but I might bring some friends of mine from the Drum & Bass scene on it. I want to work a bit more on my side project – Pornothrasher which is for Electro, Breaks, Grime music. So keep an eye out for that in the future.

Czech has a really good D&B Scene, any rising stars we should keep an eye on?

Czech is definitely strong in the Drum & Bass World. We have a really passionate crew. They are constantly going to Gigs, supporting the artists on social media etc. CZ people love Drum & Bass! I think we have some rising stars: I think A-Cray who recently released on Neosignal, but there also few others like Qo & Computer artist. They are getting support from the likes of Ed Rush and Audio, who like their production. I think there a couple of others, but they need to work a bit more I think on their own production – but definitely talented.

The Throne Crusher LP is out now…