Dan NSD catches up with new label ‘Kill Tomorrow’….


Could you start of telling us a bit about the label?

Kill Tomorrow is the brainchild of Drum & Bass producer Tomtek, who established the label in late September 2014, as an outlet to high quality Drum & Bass. The mission is to push the boundaries for dark and funky Drum and Bass by having a constant focus on quality over quantity and staying original and true to the game. Besides working with some of the more established producers in the scene, we also want to build a label which isn’t afraid of taking a leap of faith by making space for new Drum and Bass producers to emerge.


What can we expect over the next year?

The first release from Kill Tomorrow will be out January 5th 2015, which is the “Schizothemia” EP featuring two tracks by established neurofunk producer Axiom. Over the course of the next year we you can expect, besides releases from Axiom, Chris I.O., to hear some exciting new stuff from Med School’s Dark Soul, who will be featured on our second release including a remix by Tomtek which will be dropping in early February, 2015. Furthermore, we have signed a very big five track EP from Rune & Kaiza which will also be dropping within the first quarter of 2015. Besides we’ve also signed a couple of releases from up and coming producer SYMTM, who will be having his debut with Kill Tomorrow, and we’re very excited about bringing forward some new talent for 2015. Label boss Tomtek is also working on some new tunes which will be out on the label next year. So all in all we already have a lot of exciting releases lined up and the next year will definitely be defining Kill Tomorrow and hopefully getting us settled into the international Drum and Bass scene.


Tell us a little bit about the current release?

Besides Tomtek and Axiom being good friends we’ve always been a fan of his hard hitting Neurofunk sound, so it was only natural to have him help break in the label and write the label debut release. The title track “Schizothemia” offers exactly what the name implies as it goes from airy arp melodies to mind melting neuro basslines, which will definitely make you go absolutely mental. Axiom teamed up with up and coming producer Chris I.O. for the second track on the EP called “Centershot”; this track is a fusion of raw energy, funky beats and nasty basslines. We’ve already gotten tons of positive feedback on the promos for “Schizothemia” EP, so we’re definitely stoked to get this release out to the masses and destroy some dancefloors with it. Up next we have a release by Dark Soul.

Future plans for the label?

Well, our focus for the future will definitely be building up and evolving Kill Tomorrow by building a strong arsenal of releases and good relations to every artist we ever work with – you know, just keeping it real. It’s a tough scene to break into so we have to stay on top of our game.